It Was A Starry Night As Peppa And Her Family Were Looking Up At The Stars Peppa Was Amazed Of How Clear The Sky Was Wow... Mummy This Is Amazing! Said Peppa Mummy Replied Saying Sure Is Very Calming Since We Dont Have To Play A Lame Board Game It Was Nice Even George Enjoyed It Well Without Crying. Peppas Family Was Going To Move For Their New Location Up Onto Some Grassy Hills Not Only That But The Pigs Were Getting A New Car.

Soon Fireflies Began To Glow Their Little Tails Both Peppa And George Began Chasing These Bugs Peppa Ended Up Going Deep Into The Woods Trying To Catch This One Big Firefly To Keep He Chased It Into Some Bushes Then... Peppa Heard The Bushes Rattle. Suddenly She Heard Another Peppa Say: Help.... Please... Help Us. Uh.. Ok Said Peppa.

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