This episode has been banned due to inappropriate speech and/or behavior in it.


Peppa: Let's drive Lola Limo!

Henry: WOOOH!!! THIS IS FUN!!!!!!!

[Emily's Clique takes Chase Limo in hope of finding Lola Limo]

Emily Elephant: Ugh, kutisha. That's Swahili for "terrible", and this is terrible!

Lisa Fox: I agree.

Brianna Bear: Even more.


Peppa Pig: Look guys, it's Wreck-It Ralph!

Horrid Henry: That's Rude Ralph, you mongo.

Peppa Pig: Well, that's good! [punches Rude Ralph]

Rude Ralph: Alright, sucker! [Beats up Peppa Pig]

Peppa Pig: AAAAAH!

Kim Jong-Hyuk: Nice to meet you, Ralph. Wanna become allies?

Rude Ralph: Okay!

Pamela Pokémon: DON'T RALPH! Jong-hyuk is a horrible man!

Lisa Fox: I agree.

Rude Ralph: Fuck off, eejits.

Unknown Man: Hey, you! Pewḱ h₂epo!

Kim Jong-hyuk: Why the Proto-Indo European?

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