Peppa's geauga lake

The logo of the Amusement park.

Narrator: Cedar fair is making a announcement about Geauga Lake.

Cedar fair's CEO: we have decided to not reopen Geauga Lake due to decline attendance.

Narrator: later,Peppa and her friends are at Geauga Lake for one last time.

Peppa Pig: Can you believe Cedar fair is doing a huge mistake?

Danny Dog: I know Right?

Candy Cat: I know right Peppa?

Peppa Pig: definitely.

Narrator: two days later, Peppa and her friends are watching Geauga lake get demolished.

Peppa Pig: lets go have fun in wildwater kingdom!

Candy Cat: yeah lets go do it!

Danny Dog: yeah lets do it!

Narrator: Peppa and her friends are on the slides having fun.

Peppa Pig: Wooooo!

Narrator: Later, Peppa and her friends see the last coaster demolished and hauled off.

Peppa Pig: Its the end of Geauga Lake i guess.

Narrator: Later, Peppa Pig opens her own Amusement park. Peppa's geauga lake.

Narrator: a month later, peppa puts in a second coaster in the amusement park.

Narrator: two months later, People are rolling in as there is new coasters, snacks, and drinks.

Narrator: three months later, Peppa announces she will be closing Peppa's Geauga lake for good Due to Decline Attendance, the same fate as Geauga Lake.

Narrator: Peppa's Geauga lake is offically demolished and peppa goes home.

Peppa Pig: We had great fun right guy's?

Peppa's friends: Yes Peppa!

Narrator: a few months later, peppa sells the land.

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