Peppa has a hot day. She meets one of her friends and brings icecream. George dropped his! Do you think he will be happy or sad in the end. [ comment down below what you thought before you read the story ]


Narrator: One Hot Sunny Day Outside With Peppa And George.

Narrator: It wasn't that Hot is was REALLY Hot!

Peppa: Daddy!

Daddy Pig: Yes Peppa?

Peppa: I'm Hot

Daddy Pig: Well, Peppa my Darling i don't know what to do about that...

[ Ding Ding Ding Ding Diiiing went the icecream truck]

Peppa: Daddy! Mummy! Can i go get icecream Please? Please?

Mummy Pig: Ok, only if you buy George Icecream.

Peppa: YAY!

[ Peppa walks down the hill and meets Ms. Rabbit ]

Ms. Rabbit: Hello, Peppa I guess you came here for some cool icecream for a Hot sunny day.

Peppa: Yes Ma'am i did!

Ms. Rabbit: Wait, am i old?

Peppa: Noo, its just a joke [ Peppa laughed ]

Ms. Rabbit: Well ok, What flavor do you want?

[ Mummy Pig interups ]

Mummy Pig: PEPPA! Grab me, Geoge, Daddy and yourself one! ok?!

Peppa: Ok Mummy!

Peppa: Ms. Rabbit I want Mint, Orange, Strawberry, and Blueberry please!

Ms. Rabbit: Ok! here!

Peppa: Thank you ma'am!

Ms. Rabbit: Your Welcome Miss

[ Peppa didn't leave because she saw Rebecca Rabbit ]

Peppa: Ms. Rabbit.

Ms. Rabbit: Yes Peppa?

Peppa: Whats that behind you?

Ms. Rabbit: This?

Peppa: Yes that!

Ms. Rabbit: Ohh thats my sweetheart Rebecca.

Peppa: Ohh. Hi Rebecca!

Rebecca: Hi Peppa! what are you doing here?

Peppa: Oh i'm just hanging out with some icecream.

Mummy Pig: PEPPA! are you DONE!?!?

Peppa Pig: OK MUMMY! I have to go bye.

Rebecca: Ohh... Bye!

[ Back where Peppa was in the house ]

[ Everyone ate and enjoyed their icecreams outside ]

[ But George! ]

George: [cries] [sad oink] [cries] [sad oink]

Mummy Pig: Don't worry George you can have my icecream.

George: I HATE ORANGE! [sad oink]

Mummy Pig: Ohh... Poor George.

[ all afternoon (including bedtime) George cried ]

Narrator: The next morning, George, Peppa, Mummy and Daddy were outside.

Daddy Pig: HooooooooooWeeeeeeee! I here the icecream truck.

[ Peppa ran down the hill with out permission ]

[ she goes gets some icecream and comebacks ]

Mummy & Daddy Pig: PEPPA! You had no Permission to go get some icecream!

Peppa: In Fact, I did!

Mummy Pig: Don't speak back young piggy!

Peppa: Sorry Mummy and Daddy.

Peppa: [whispered to Mummy Pigs ear] I went and got George a surprise!]

Mummy Pig: Ohh... Ok this time it was ok.

Mummy Pig: But why did you?

Peppa: [whispered to Mummy Pigs ear again: Because yesterday George wasn't very happy! [laughed a bit!]

Mummy Pig: Ohh...

Peppa: George.

George: What epa ig?

Peppa: I got you a surprise!

George: What is it epa ig?

[George keeps on calling Peppa "epa ig" because he's like a little baby ]

Peppa: ICECREAM!!!!

[ George was so surprised ]

Narrator: DUHH! he was SURPRISED because it was a SURPRISE! haha got ya!

[ it was Dinosaur Icecream and it had a dinosaur balloon attached to it! ]

[ Peppa gave it to George ]

George: YAY! [ he licks it ] YUMMY!

George: Mooooooooooon!

[ George lest go is icecream ]

[ it had a balloon attached so it wouln't fall it would FLY AWAY! ]

Everyone except George: Huuh!

[ George started laughing hard and everybody joined! ]


The End hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha!

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