Peppa gets a new makeover she gets so excited and shows her friends how (beautiful) she looks.


Narrator: One sunny morning Mummy was walking around the house

Mummy Pig: [walks up stairs, goes to Peppa's and George's rooms and wakes them up] Peppa! Wake up!

Peppa: [yawns]

Peppa: Yes Mummy?

Mummy Pig: Peppa do you want to come to the dressing shop with me and Daddy Pig?

Peppa: Of course!

Mummy Pig: Okay. Get dressed; we're leaving in few minutes.

Peppa: How much is a few?

Mummy Pig: I don't know. But still hurry up!

Peppa: Okay!

Mummy Pig: [wakes up George] Wakey Wakey George!

George: [sad oink]

Mummy Pig: Get in your clothes George! It's almost time to leave and you promised you will go.

George: [oink] go where?

Mummy Pig: To the dressing shop to get you a dinosaur shirt and some boots!

George: [oink] Okay, I'll go!

Mummy Pig: Ok! Get your clothes on! [leaves the room]

Narrator: Peppa and George puts on their clothes and they leave their rooms and go downstairs.

Daddy Pig: Peppa! George! Time to put on your shoes and leave!

George: [oink] Okay!

Peppa: Okay Daddy!

Narrator: The family finally leave.

Narrator: A few hours later...

Daddy Pig: We're here!

Mummy Pig: Yes! My favourite beauty shop!

[The four walk in]

Peppa: Oooooooooooh yes! There's so much beautiful clothing!

Mummy Pig: Daddy!

Daddy Pig: Yes Mummy?

Mummy Pig: You go with george and I go with Peppa. Okay?

Daddy Pig: Okay Mummy Pig.

[Mummy and Peppa leave Daddy and Peppa]

Narrator: Mummy and Peppa head to the girl section while Daddy and George head to the boy section.

Narrator: Meanwhile in the girl section...

Peppa: Oooh can I go to the make up room mummy?

Mummy Pig: Sure.

Peppa: Can I put some make up on?

Mummy Pig: Sure.

Peppa: Really? What about lipstick?

Mummy Pig: Sure.

Peppa: Thanks mummy, bye!

Mummy Pig: Huh bye.

Narrator: Mummy kept on saying "sure" to Peppa because she was looking in the mirror, thinking how beautiful she looks! Afterwards they buy some stuff then they go home.

Peppa: [runs up stairs and put on all her make up and clothes] Yes! [goes to the park to see her friends]

Narrator: She brags about her new clothes. However, her friends dislike her clothes. When they tell her that they did not like her clothes she got so mad that she was the maddest pig in the universe!

Narrator: She went Home and took of the (ugly) makeup and went in her bed. It is now bedtime.

Mommy: [goes into Peppa's room]

Mommy: Good night, Peppa!

Peppa: F*ck You!

File:Peppa's Makeover.png

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