Peppa: Oh, no! I lost all my friends! I'll have to start a new gang with the new students.

Cara Cat: Hi!

Tina Tiger: Hello. *roars*

Katy Perry: Roooooooar! Rooooooar! Rooooar! I've got the eye of the tiger, dancing through the fire 'cause I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roooar! *dissolves*

Zack Zebra: *runs away*

Peppa: There's no need to run away! I want to be friends!

Madame Gazelle: FETUS

James Pig: Why?

Creation: Madame Gazelle's a dirty idiot.

James Pig: Oh.

Madame Gazelle: FETUS *farts* FETUS

James Pig: What's wrong with Madame Gazelle?

Creation: Madame Gazelle's got a weird fetus.

James Pig: Oh.

Lisa Fox: *farts*

James Pig: Why did Lisa fart?


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