Peppa woke up in the Hospital

Peppa: Where Am I?

Dr. Brown Bear: Your umm... in the Hospital..

Peppa: Oh no! What happend?

Dr. Brown Bear: go ask Ricky..

Peppa: hmmmm

Peppa: OF COURSE! HE DID THIS! (Runs out of Hospital)

Pedro: Sup Peppa?

Peppa: No time to talk Pedro! Where's Ricky?

Pedro: Oh him... yeah, he went to the Bakery

Peppa: Since when did that exist here?

Perdo: You were in the Hospital for like... 10 years but nobody aged

Peppa: Wow....

Outside the Bakery

Ricky: (Eats Doughnut)

Peppa: YOU!!

Suzy: PEPPA!

Peppa: ... Who are you again?

Suzy: ... (Runs away crying)

Peppa: What's up with her?

Ricky: I dunno..

Peppa: Anyways... What happend before i ended up in the Hospital?

Ricky: Oh that? When a piece of space blew you up you went flying like Pewwwwwwwww then you you were all like: "Crash Crash Bang" Then You Landed In A Bed

Peppa: ...

Ricky: (Makes crashing and banging sounds)

Peppa: SHUT UP! Do you hear that?

Ricky: What?


Peppa: It sounds like.... Uh oh!

George: HYAH! (Hits Peppa)

Peppa: OW!


Ricky: GEORGE STOP! (Freezes Both Peppa And George)

Ricky: (Un-Freezes Both)

Peppa & George: (Hits Ground) OW!

Ricky: Okay... Now then Peppa you were saying

Peppa: No you were saying saying something

Ricky: No i finished you flew into a Hospital bed

Peppa: Oh... Well i'm here for........... REVENGE!!!

Ricky: Oh...

Narator: Oh I HATE wiriting these!

Ricky: I DON'T CARE!!

Peppa Goes First

Peppa Uses Punch

Ricky Pretends To Get Hit

Ricky Uses Fake Die

Ricky Falls On The Ground 

Peppa Thinks She Won And Walks Towards Ricky 

Ricky Suddunly Attacks Peppa

Peppa Dodges

Ricky Uses Throw Rock

Ricky Throws A Rock At Peppa

Peppa Dodges

Peppa: Let's Get This Over With

Peppa Uses Gigantic Hammer

Ricky Uses Walk Into The Shadows

Ricky Turns Transparent

Peppa's Gigantic Hammer Misses Ricky Even Though It Landed Right On Him

Ricky Uses Rat Army

Peppa Is Trampled By A Bunch Of Rats

Ricky Uses Meteor Mash

Peppa Dodges Meteor Mash Completely 

Peppa Uses 1,000 Meteors

Ricky Is Hit By 1,000 Meteors

Ricky Has 1 HP left 

Peppa Uses Chocolate Cake

A Giant Chocolate Cake Falls From The Sky

Ricky Uses Backfire On The Chocolate Cake

Ricky Uses Universe On The Chocolate Cake 

Peppa Is Hit By The Chocolate Cake

Peppa Has 1 HP left 

Everything In The Universe Hits Peppa

Peppa Goes Flying Away

Peppa Crashes Into The Hospital And Lands In A Bed

Ricky Wins!

The End

.What? It's Over Go Look At Another!

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