Peppa: George, let's go to the speedway and race on some racing cars.

George: YEAH!!!! (runs quickly away to the speedway)

Peppa: Mommy, Daddy, can we go to the racing car track please?

Daddy Pig: Very well Peppa. You and George have fun.

(at the speedway)

Peppa: Wow, the race track looks amazing!

George: Brum brum, racing car.

Peppa: (squealing) Well, let's not just stand here watching, let's ride a racing car!!

Peppa: Hmm, yellow, purple, green, what colour shall I choose?

George: Boo boo! Boo racing car!

Peppa: George is racing in a blue car, so I will drive a red one.

Peppa and George: WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! (both laugh)

George: Cone ahead! Turn big sister!

Peppa: George, can you just (singing in Rihanna's voice) Shut Up and Drive!

George: OK, George drive slow and be quiet.

Peppa: There's Pedro Pony and Wendy Wolf!

Pedro and Wendy: Hello Peppa and George!

Pedro: I'm driving yellow and Wendy's driving lilac.

George: ll brum, racing cars.

Mr. Bull: Careful kids.

Mac Pig: We are fine Mr. Bull, don't worry.

Mr. Bull: Very well kids, drive safely.

George: Pedro and Wendy: Whoo hoo!

Peppa:  Wow, racing car rockets, oh my gosh!

George: Where Peppa?

Peppa: (starting the rockets and blasts off) WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Bull: Slow down you NAUGHTY PIG!!

Peppa: (screeches past Mr. Bull) I can't stop!!!!!!!!

George: Peppa!!!!!!!!!!!

Peppa: (super slow motion) SUCKERS!

Wendy: Get her!!!!

Peppa: I can't stop! Can someo- (crashes into tires)

Mr. Bull: Peppa you have wrecked the race truck!!!!

Peppa: You suck!

George: (mimics) Sucky

(everyone gasps)

Mr. Bull: What did you say George you naughty piggy?!!

George: Sucky!

Mac Pig: Oh boy.

Mr. Bull: You are banned for the week, Peppa and George.

George: But it is gonna close in a week!

Peppa: (flashback to George's Racing Car (canon) ) Then I will ask Grandpa Pig to make me a car like George's.

Mr. Bull: (in mind) She's gonna give me a run with my money and make her own speed rally. I'm sure of it.

Peppa: And I'm gonna give you a run with your money and make a whole bunch of rental cars and make my own rally.

Mr. Bull: (in mind) I knew it. (out loud) I was gonna close it any way.

Ms. Rabbit: He's telling the truth.

Peppa: I know. To Grandpa Pig's Shed!


Grandpa Pig: Here's a few cars. And a track.

Peppa: Thank you.

A week later,

Mr. Bull: They're really closing it. For a space that hasn't been bought yet.

Builder: There's still nobody to buy this blank spot.

Peppa: (running up) I want to buy the spot left for a smaller speed rally!

Builder: Whats' the point of closing the old one?

Peppa: Mr. Bull was cruel and banned people for little things.

Mr. Bull: You can have the rally now.

George: Yay! Racing car! Brrrm!

The End

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