Peppa: (yawns) today is Thanksgiving!

(Peppa runs over to George who is still sleeping)


George: Shh! Peppa, not so loud, others are trying to sleep here

Peppa: Yes but George, you're gonna miss the Thanksgiving Day Parade

George: Oh, I forgot about the parade. Come on Peppa!

(Peppa and George rush downstairs and sit in front of their TV )

Peppa: Ok here it is

Daddy Pig: Good Morning you two

Peppa: Good Morning Daddy, Mummy happy Thanksgiving

Mummy Pig: Happy Thanksgiving to you too

Daddy Pig: Alright, now time to cook the food

Peppa: Daddy, may I help you?

Daddy Pig: Sure Peppa, first wash your hands

(Peppa goes over to the sink, turns it on and washes her hands)

Peppa: All clean!

Daddy Pig: Ok Peppa, get the ingredients

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