Peppa's gang

The gang (including Wally Warthog).

Peppa's gang
is a gang in the Peppa Pig series that rivals Emily's clique. The gang's treehouse is in the backyard at Peppa Pig's House. Peppa's gang consists of Peppa, Danny, Suzy, Pedro and Wally.


There are currently 5 members (13 members if you count Wendy, Lisa, Edna, Betsy, Freddy, Fiona, Heinrich, Serina and Franky) in the gang.

  1. Peppa Pig (leader)
  2. Suzy Sheep
  3. Danny Dog
  4. Pedro Pony
  5. Wally Warthog

Members at one point

  1. Lisa Fox
  2. Wendy Wolf
  3. Edna Elephant
  4. Freddy Fox
  5. Betsy Bat
  6. Serina Swan
  7. Fiona Fish
  8. Heinrich Pig
  9. Franky Frog

Other members in Liopleurodons' fanon only (but could be in some others)

  1. Tommy Pickles
  2. Phil and Lil DeVille
  3. Chuckie Finster

CreationBeTheWorld23's fanon (2015)

Suzy, Pedro and Danny are dead in this fanon, so Peppa formed a new gang with 7 playgroup students (who are recurring characters) in the episode "Peppa's New Gang".

  1. Peppa Pig (leader)
  2. Tina Tiger (tactical planner)
  3. Penny Puppy (defencewoman)
  4. Zack Zebra
  5. James Crocodile
  6. Zooey Zebra
  7. Cara Cat
  8. Sally Swan
  9. Olivia Octopus (hellokittyhero)


5 Allies


7 Rivals


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