Peppa's love victim is a Peppa and Danny ship fiction.It involves Peppa trying to make Danny her boyfriend.



Peppa: Mummy, I have lots of friends, but I want someone a little more spicy.

Mummy Pig :Huh ? What do you mean ?

Peppa: Like a, you know ... boyfriend.

Mummy: You're a little too young to have a boyfriend, maybe when your older.

Peppa: Oh come! It's not like I'm going to do inproprio things!

Mummy: Well, if you say so, I guess you can have a boyfriend, but be warned! There is barely anyone around these parts for roughly over 5 miles where people live.

Peppa: Eh, I'll find one![Later at the park]

Peppa: Woah, I came here by myself! That's that first time I did that! Anyway, who should I be the lover of ?

Suzie: Woah! You came here by yourself ?

Peppa: Yeah, I was pretty surprised at the fact of it myself.

Suzie: So, you coming to play ?

Peppa: Well, I'm trying to find a boyfriend, so if I hang around with the ones I know, I might get a spark of love.

Suzie: That's right! Now come on!

Suzie: Let's go to the carousel! Lots of people are there!

Peppa: Hello, who wants me to be their lover ?

Rebecca: -Looks at Suzie with a puzzled look on her face-

Suzie: -Shrugs shoulders-

Peppa: Pedro ? What about you ? I mean, I have kissed you before!

Pedro: Um, when you kiss someone after a play, does it really spring out to you in a relationship ?

Peppa: Now that you mention it, no, you're not being my love victim.

Peppa: What about Freddy ?

Freddy: Well, I've never talked to you a lot, and I have sort of a crush on Zoey.

Zoey: Wait what ?


Peppa:Well, there must be someone good enough for me!

Peppa:-notices Danny Dog- Danny! You're probably perfect for me!

Danny:What ?

-to be continued-

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