Peppa: (reading title card) Peppa's new friend

Narator: Today, peppa and her family are going shopping

Peppa: (humming along and skipping through the isles)

Daddy pig: You cheeky little piggy!

Peppa: (giggles)

Mummy pig: Slow down, Peppa! You'll bump into someone!

Peppa: i'll be fine [runs into Gabby Gazelle]

Narrator: Oh dear. Peppa has run into Gabby Gazelle.

Madame gazelle: Goodness me! are you ok Gabby?

Gabby: Yes! I'm fine! [giggles] hi Peppa

Peppa: Hi gabby. Want to come to my house?

Gabby: [Turns to ask Madame Gazelle] Mummy? can i go to Peppa's house?

Madame Gazelle: Of course! I'll pick you up later.

The pig family+Gabby: See you later! [walks away]

Narrator: Gabby is going to peppa's house to play

Daddy pig: Here we are

Gabby: [runs in, without realizing her shoes fell off]

Mummy pig: [Chasing Gabby] Gabby! you forgot your shoes!

Gabby: [looks down, still running] Oh!

[Gabby runs into the television]

Daddy pig: Gabby! are you ok?

Gabby: Yes

Peppa: Come on, Gabby, lets play!

Gabby: Yes! [giggles]

[Both run outside]

Gabby: [runs to a muddy puddle and starts to jump really fast, gigging]

whole family: Wow!

peppa: Wow gabby! Your fast!

peppa: [joins in, but not as fast]

Narrator: Everyone loves jumping in muddy puddles, Even fast jumpers!

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