Note:This is rated 18 plus, so beware of the content.

Peppa:I think I'm going to have a party tommorow night.

Mummy Pig:Well, It is only 12 o'clock now, so you can buy stuff

Peppa:Yes, let's go to the shops.

(at the shops)

Peppa:We need, music, games, food, drinks and beer

Mummy:OK, I'll get the music and you get the food and drinks


Mummy Pig:OK, let's buy the stuff now

Miss Rabbit:Woah, that's a lot of stuff

Peppa:Yes, where having a party tommorow, it will probably last 2 days, your invited also

Miss Rabbit:Thanks.

Peppa:No need to thank me.


George:Party stuff!

Peppa:Yes, where having a huge party tommorow, so when it starts and then ends, prepare to sleep for a long time.

Mummy:We should put all this stuff away and tell your friends about the party Peppa:OK

Peppa:(On phone to Rebbeca), Rebbeca, I'm having a party tommorow, It will start tommorow at 6 in the evening

Rebbeca:OK, I will tell everyon else, in the meantime, Let's go to the park

Peppa:OK, it's 2 in the day now, so let's stay there till 8 


(at the park with the others)

Peppa:OK, all of you's now about the party tommorow after noon ? Well let's save our excitment for now and let's play here

Suzie:I think we should play skipping.

Peppa:Well the skipping rope is small, so only one person can skip and the other 2 hold

Suzie:Well Fuck

Peppa:You can go first

Suzie: (starts to skip) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 

Suzie:Awww! I was almost at 20, then I would beat the top score which is 19.

Peppa:Better luck next time! My turn

Peppa:(starts to skip) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

Suzie:Even If i did get to 20 you would have won.

Peppa:I just realised that the other end is tied to a pole


Rebbeca:I'm gonna go on the slide

Rebbeca:Wheeee! Oh Shit! I forgot about that puddle at the bottom! Oh wait it's not there anymore

Danny:You do realise that it is half 12 in the night ?

Freddy:Um, Crap ?

Pedro:I gotta get home! I also don't think are parent's are gonna pick us up anytime soon

Emily:There probably getting ready for bed

Zoe:When we get home it will proably be 1 in the morning

Candy:Fuck Fuck Fuck!

Wendy:Maybe we should run home.

Suzie:I strongly agree with you

(they all run home)

Mummy:Peppa where have you been ? Don't you know what time it is ?

Peppa:Well I can tell what time it is by looking at the sky, I'm not retarted, and I got hooked on skipping

Mummy:You should go to bed.


(next morning)

Peppa:Yes! Today where having the party!

Mummy Pig:Yes and you should get stuff ready.



Peppa:(hears door bell) Suzie! Rebbeca! Danny! Freddy! Pedro! Rosie and Robbie! Zoe! Emily! Wendy! Richard! Edmond! Zuzu! Zaza! The Fucking rest of you's and the adults come in!

Suzie:Woah Peppa! That's a fuckload of stuff! Let's put on the music! How about Titanium ?

Peppa:OK (puts on iPhone and Titanium starts)

Rebbeca:This is the best party I have even been to.

Peppa:I knew you would say that.

Freddy:Let's watch some movies, how about the exorcist ?

Peppa:That is a good movie


Peppa:I have to go and moderate more of the party, sorry



This is a 30 minute episode.

George's dinosaur is only seen once.

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