This was the originally planned ending, but i kinda forgot to do it xD

Alternate ending

..Suzy: Fine. you don't have to be yourself. But i DO have this lovely pink dress! 

Peppa: Alright cool! -puts it on- I LUV IT!!! but.......Pedro said the date is at midnight. And my bedtime is-

Suzy: Hush hush! Now off you go. -pushes her out the door-

Narrator: Peppa has made it to the Muddy Puddle diner.

Pedro: o.o look amazing

Peppa: -giggles- Thank you! 

(After 10 minutes of awkwardness)

Pedro: I'm super glad you could make it tonight c:

Peppa: Yea, me too ^.^. So, i've been meaning to ask you..-eyelids get droopy-.. something..

Pedro: :D! Yes?

Peppa: my....-falls asleep in her food-

Narrator: Oh no. It's past Peppa's bedtime, and now she has fallen asleep!


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