Remember On The Episode "Richard Rabbit Comes To Play"?

When Richard Came Over To Play Dinosaur Land With George?  

And Then Peppa Left And Then Suzy Came Over And Then They Started Buling George And Richard...? Well... This Is They're Revenge

Narator: (Whispers) Peppa And Suzy Vs. Richard And George... :O

One Day... Richard Came Over Again, He Ran Upstairs To Play With George

And Once Again...

They Turned The Bedroom... In To Dinosaur Land 

Peppa: Oh No... I'm Leaving

George Began Spying On Peppa

Peppa Walks Down Stairs....George Quietly Follows...

Peppa: *Walks Up To Daddy And Mummy Pig* Daddy! George And Richard Did It Again 

Mummy Pig: Calls *Suzy's Mom Again*

Mummy Sheep: Hello?

Mummy Pig: Hello, Would Suzy Like To Come Over?

Mummy Sheep: No, Not Yet Suzy Needs To Clean Her Room First...

Mummy Pig: Oh... Ok! *Hangs Up*

Suzy: * Cleans Her Room So Quickly Then It's Sparkling.... Then Runs To Peppa's House As Quickly As She Could*

Peppa: *Runs To Door And Opens* (Gasp) Suzy!

Suzy: Peppa! 

Peppa: Come With Me! *Runs Upstairs* Quickly Suzy!

Suzy: *Runs Up With Her*

George:  Oh No! *Teleports Upstairs And Locks Door Then Tells Richard Whats Gonna Happen*

Richard: Oh No!

George: Don't Worry I Have An Idea *Whispers Something In Richard's Ear* 

George: *Unlocks The Door*

Peppa: *Runs Into Room* Claps George! Richard!-

George: NO!

Peppa: Nurse Su-

Richard NO!

Peppa: Zy Is Here

Both Little Ones: WE SAID NO!

Suzy: And Nurse Suzy Says-

George: *Punches Suzy* Get Out!

Suzy: NO! *Blows Rasberry* 

Suzy: Takes DinoSaurs And Puts Them In Beds

George: *Gets The Dinosaurs Back Sets Dinosaur Land Back Up And Continues Playing*

George And Richard: *Blows Rasberry*

Peppa: No! No! There Aren't Any Dinos In... Fariy Land!

Suzy: Only Pretty Things Are Allowed In... Fariy Land!

George And Richard: *Push Peppa And Suzy Out Of The Room, Lock The Door And Continue Playing*

The End

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