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Threequel coming through! this one's possibly the shortest and the most dramatic Peppa and the apple juice in the series! (this one's a little less cracktastic than the other ones. But i'll try to keep it as funny as possible X

Peppa and the apple juice 3

the pic for "Peppa and the apple juice 3"


it didn't work this time, did it? :c

Peppa: ~sips apple juice~ wait a minute.. George?

George: yea?

Peppa: ..since when did you learn to talk? and since when do we throw parties with police dudes?AND SINCE WHEN DO WE BUY APPLE JUICE!?

George: alright! alright! if i tell you a secret, will you please shut  
Peppa's apple juice party with everyone from the peppaverse on the ceiling

there's a lot more going on in this pic than you think! :O can you find all the weird stuff?


Peppa: sure..'re dreaming


George: shh!

Peppa: oh, sorry. so, go on.

George: you're in a dream where your whole family including you loves apple juice. and now that you know that you're dreaming, you can do whatever you want. anyway, you can't do--

Peppa: does that mean. i..

George: wait! you ca--

Peppa: APPLE JUICE POWERS, ACTIVAAAATE! ~teleports to Mummy pig's room, leaving a bottle of apple juice in her place~

George: oh shnap...

..........In mummy pig's room............

Peppa: ~teleports in~

Mummy: my my! what are you doing in here?

Peppa: mummy, can i throw another apple juice party and invite everyone in the peppaverse?

Mummy: heck no--

Peppa: ~mind controls Mummy~

Mummy: actually...of course you can, peppa! and here's some apple juice..

Peppa: WOO!

(everyone in the peppaverse is dancing in peppa's house and drinking apple juice)


Peppa: ~on the ceiling~ WOOT WOOOOT!!!

Suzy: hey everyone! look! peppa is on the ceiling!!

Everyone: ~gasps~

Peppa: that's right guys! I'M ON THE MOTHA FRIKIN CEILING!!!! ~sees Pedro pony on the phone in the corner~ yo Pedro, watchu doin?

Pedro: um....

Secret Agent dudes: ~breaks down the door and runs to Peppa~ HOLD HER DOWN! ~1000 secret agent dudes grab Peppa they all drag hey away~


Pedro: *giggles* LOL!

hey guys

the next one is probably gonna be the last one. but who knows? And just so you know, here's what happened 

  • George was going to say "You can't do anything magic or bad things WILL happen"
  • I called the universe, the "Peppaverse". yes. i went there.
  • Peppa mind controlled Mummy pig so she could let her have the party
  • When Pedro was on the phone, he called Secret Agent dudes to take Peppa away

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