Peppa: *resurrects* I am no longer dead!

Katy Perry: Stop being so mean to Miss Flower *roars*

George: *kills Katy Perry* THERE YOU GO!

Suzy Sheep: *kills Mrs Flower* Miss Flower is dead.

[cuts to everybody in the school except staff in prison]

Lisa Fox: I found glass cracking! *digs a tunnel to Emily's manor*

[Emily's clique crawls through the tunnel]

Brianna Bear: So long, suckers!

[Emily's clique come out in Emily's bedroom]

Candy Cat: Wait, you have a four-poster bed, a bathroom and a swimming pool in your bedroom!

[cuts back to Peppa and her gang in jail]

Peppa: I found a tunnel! I wonder where it leads!

[Peppa's gang crawl through the tunnel]

Suzy Sheep: We're in Emily's bedroom!

Emily Elephant: Oh, hi! *puts on her swimwear, runs out of her room and takes the elevator down to the outdoor pool* Lisa, Brianna, Tara, Rebecca and Candy, why don't you jump in? Muhammad, get me a smoothie!

Muhammad: Coming right up! *gives Emily a smoothie*

Emily Elephant: Thanks. *drinks the smoothie*

[Emily's clique jump in]

Mrs Elephant: Emily, it's time for you to get a bath.

Emily Elephant: OK! *goes to her bedroom* Mummy, will you run the bath? I don't know how to.

[cuts to a naked Emily in her en-suite bathroom]

Mrs Elephant: *runs the bath* Emily, get in.

Emily Elephant: *gets in* Mummy, please get me the purple soap.

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