International Day children gathering up
Peppa Around The World is a spin off created by Pigboy24 where Peppa and her friends travel to different countries.


Series 1

1. United Kingdom ( In Scotland, it's Bertram Bliter and Brianna Cutie's first appearance )

2. United States

3. Korea

4. France ( Delphine Donkeys Only Apperance.)

5. Italy

6. Back To UK

Series 2

7. Where Should We Go? (Russia Part One)

8. Russia (Russia Part Two)

9. Germany

10. Brazil

11. Chocolate (Switzerland)

12. More Chocolate! (Chocolate Part Two)

13. Back To UK (Series Two Version)

Series 3 (Back In Time)

14. Italy (Meet The Romans)

15. UK (Fire Of London)

16. Egypt

17.We Love Chocolate (How We Got Chocolate)

18.Why Do Americans Speak English? 

19.Back To UK (Final Version)


  • Peppa
  • George
  • Suzy
  • Danny
  • Pedro
  • Freddy
  • Rebbeca
  • Richard
  • Emely
  • Edmond
  • Wendy
  • Chloe
  • Madame Gazzele
  • Delphine (Only In France)
  • Bertram (Only In Scotland)
  • Brianna (Only In Scotland)
  • Parents (Every Back To UK)


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