Chapter Won

"Kids, get inside." My mother insists as we enter our basement. I was confused at the time, not understanding what was going on. "Those things can't get us in here, hopefully." My mother tells my father, uncertain if she was telling the truth. Me and my two brothers glance at each other, again, completely oblivious to our appending doom. "Mom, what's going on?" My brother, Tihspid, asks with the classic 3-year-old curiosity he still has to this day. "Peppa's coming." My Father says in a stern voice. The basement floor vibrates like a long purple popsicle. Then, the sunlight peers above as the roof was being picked up right up above us. The large pink mutant grinned, and threw the rest of our house into the nearby gigantic washing machine. "You monster, it's dry clean only." My dad informs the mutant. The mutant then elongates her head until his neck is longer than a bus, and stares 3-feet away from my brother Imgae. Peppa sticks her long tongue out, and wraps her tongue around my brother. Her neck delongated back to normal, and threw my brother fifty miles away from Pepville.

Peppa decided she had enough for one day, and trotted away peacefully. We awaited for her return, as when she does, it'll be the last time she ever unproperly washes our house.

Wasn't that the best sneak-peek you've ever seen? Peppa Big is coming to a farm near you...

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