Peppa: Let's see what's on TV.

[on TV]

Mr. Potato: And here is OMGlenda!

OMGlenda: I am going to sing the alphabet. [singing] A is for apple, B is for book, C is for cat, D is for dog, E is for elephant, F is for food…

[in real life]

Peppa: I'm feeling flirty! [dances around her bedroom]

[The audio switches to Spanish and Japanese]

George: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! ¿Cómo se atreven a sentirse coqueta! Eso es. Estas castigado. [throws Mr. Dinosaur at Peppa]

Peppa: [smacks George] George-senpai, 大嫌い![takes her MP3 player out and dances]

[cuts to Peppa at the playgroup]

[The audio switches back to English]

Madame Gazelle: Today, we are exploring number stories of ten. Peppa, tell us an addition story and a subtraction story.

Peppa: Fifteen takeaway five equals ten, four plus six equals ten. [kisses Pedro Pony]

[cuts to Peppa at home finishing salad]

[The audio switches to Swedish]

Peppa: George, kom och få det! [runs up to her room, jumps out the window, vomits rainbows, then flies into Pedro Pony's bedroom and flirts with him] Få en flirt på! [kisses Pedro] Puss, puss.

Pedro Pony: Lovar du att du kommer att gifta dig med mig?

Peppa: Självklart! Vill du ha en piggyback ride?

Pedro: Självklart! Led vägen! [climbs on Peppa's back]

Peppa: Vi kommer att Emily's herrgård och vi kommer att flirta i hennes sovrum eftersom hon är på lekplatsen.

Pedro: Det låter som en plan!

[They fly to Emily's manor]

Peppa: Puss, puss!

Emily Elephant: [walks in] Är du flirta?

Pedro: [carries Emily to the balcony and sits her on the barrier]

Emily: Vad gör du? Mamma!

Pedro: [growls]

Emily: Sluta! Sluta! Sluta!

Pedro: Jäkla fitta! [throws Emily off the balcony]

Emily: Aj! Mamma! Pappa! Kom hit!

Dr. Elephant: [carries Pedro and Peppa and sits them on the railing] Kasta aldrig min dotter utanför balkongen igen! Som straff, jag kasta dig två utanför balkongen! [throws Peppa and Pedro off the balcony]

Peppa: Det var ett dåligt val, Pedro.

[The audio switches back to English]

Pedro: I agree.

[cuts to Peppa waking up]

Mummy Pig: Peppa! Get out of bed!

[The audio switches to Chinese]

Peppa: 為什麼?我不想。

Mummy Pig: 我不給他媽的。

Peppa: 不要對我發誓!

Mummy Pig: 我是一個成年人,你混蛋!

Peppa: [cries]

Mummy Pig: 哭了你想要的,婊子。

[The audio switches back to English]

Peppa: I hate you! [leaves and slams the door]

Mummy Pig: That's fine.

[1 hour later]

Peppa: You haven't made me breakfast.

Mummy Pig: [laughs] You make it.

Peppa: I can't make my own breakfast!

Mummy Pig: Make a salad. You can make salad.

Peppa: I'm not in the mood for salad. Can you make me pancakes?


Peppa: But-

Mummy Pig: No buts.

Daddy Pig: Time to make my beautiful daughter Peppa some pancakes!

Mummy Pig: [whispering] Don't make Peppa anything. She can make her own breakfast.

Daddy Pig: Amanda, Peppa can only make salad. Please don't abuse Peppa, playgroup was cancelled because of the heavy rainstorm last night.

George: Mummy Cerdo, te amor.

[Veena Rabbit enters]

Veena Rabbit: Я после долгого сдвига.

George: Como té llamas?

Veena Rabbit: Veena Кролик. Почему бы вам не смотреть Маша и Медведь?

George: ¿Qué carajo es Masha y el oso?

Veena Rabbit: Маша и Медведь это шоу для маленьких детей, как вы.

George: No me importa!

[cuts to Peppa at the playgroup playing a tambourine]

Peppa: До свидания!


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