Peppa flying past her house


Peppa taking off


Peppa and Bertram flying over Potato City and The Dinosaur Park


Peppa: *wakes up* Oh my puddle! I've grown wings and a wand somehow fell into my hand! I've become a fairy! *flies downstairs, eats Corn Flakes and flies out door*

Daddy Pig: Look, Mummy Pig! Peppa's now a fairy!

Mummy Pig: Yeah. She is.

Peppa: *flies to the McKenzie house* Bertram, you like aeroplanes, don't you?

Bertram: Is the water wet? I love them!

Peppa: Well, Bertram, overnight I grew wings and somehow received a wand.

Brianna: WOW! A wand! It's so pretty! How does it work?

Peppa: Like a wand, I guess. Anyway, never mind that. Bertram would you like a ride?

Bertram: I'm nine. You're five, four years younger than me. How will you transport me?

Peppa: Here's how! *magics up balloon basket and ties it to herself* Get in, Bertram!

Bertram: WOW! *gets in* Cool, Peppa.

Mrs McKenzie: Here's your Ventolin puffer in case you feel asthmatic up there! And, for you, Peppa, here's a map to guide you back to our place!

Peppa: Silly map. I'm not taking one of those! *throws map on floor and takes off without it*

Mrs McKenzie: But Peppa, Peppatown's a big place! Even in the skies of it, you could get lost.

Brianna: Mummy, I hate to say this but Peppa took no notice.

(scene shifts to flight)

Bertram: Cool! I can see Potato City, The Dinosaur Park and all of Peppatown's other exciting places!

Peppa: So can I! I can see the playground! Wow!

Bertram: Peppa, the clock tower says its my dinner time!

Peppa: How do you get to your place again?

Bertram: You were supposed to bring the map.

Peppa: Never mind that, let's fly to the scot land, where you were born! *flies to Scotland*

Bertram: There's my old house! Let's go back in there! *takes Peppa into ex-McKenzie family home* So I slept here and... Hey, it's our family's new address! They must have written it for the moving company to know where we moved! It says 5 Earhart Street, Peppatown. Peppa, let's go back to Peppatown.

Peppa: Okay, Bertram! Get in!

Bertram: Yes, Peppa *climbs in*

Peppa: *flies off to Earhart Street in Peppatown* (counting houses one to five) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Bertram, I've found it!

Bertram: Good! Go down, Peppa!

Peppa: Okay! *lands, unties balloon basket and flies home*

Mummy Pig: Peppa, where did you go in the sky?

Peppa: You'll see. ;)

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