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Peppa Fortress 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Peppa Fortress and Peppa Fortress Classic. It took 9 years to develop.


In the games, there are two rival companies, YELO (Company for Engineering Lots of Objects) and GREN (Destroying Ridiculous Houses N stuff) owned by twins Zuzu and Zaza. They have hired teams of fighters to fight and try to take over the other company.


There are nine classes to choose from in the game, these are:


Heavy (Daddy Pig)

Owns a minigun that costs $400,000 to fire... For twelve seconds. Also carries a shotgun and can equip a sandvich.

Democat (Candy Cat)

Can throw sticky bombs at foes and can also attack them with a bottle of soda (empty, obviously). Can also equip a katana.

Engineer (Edmond Elephant)

Can create Sentry turrets that will shoot after the opposing team's members and Dispensers that will heal his teammates. Also carries a shotgun and pistol for self-defence.


Scout (George Pig)

Is very fast, but also very easy to kill. Armed with a bat and 2 guns.

Soldier (Danny Dog)

Can launch rockets with his rocket launcher, shoot enemies down with his shotgun, and beat others with his deadly shovel.

Pyro (Wendy Wolf)

Has a flamethrower. Never really reveals themselves to anybody. Is convinced she lives in a world where everything is happy.


Spy (Pedro Pony)

Can disguise himself as a player from the opposite team or disappear completely. Has a knife allowing him to stab enemies, and is even able to destroy Edmond's Turrets and Dispensers with his electro-sappers. Armed with a powerful revolver to finish off injured enemies.

Medic (Miss Rabbit)

Has a Medigun that can heal/strengthen teammates. Also carries a syringe gun and bonesaw for self-defence. Can equip a crossbow.

Sniper (Freddie Fox)

Armed with a deadly sniper rifle, a deadly SMG and even deadlier, his own pee! Can equip a bow&arrow.