This episode is based on GoAnimate's "Gets Held Back" videos.


Narrator. It is a lovely sunny day and Peppa is still asleep.

Peppa. (yawns) Oh No! I'm late for school!

Narrator. Peppa has skipped breakfast and rushes to the door and runs as fast as she could so she could get to school. But can she make it?

Peppa. (arrives at school and goes to her classroom)

Madame Gazelle. Peppa, where have you been?

Peppa. (blushes) I'm late for school.

Madame Gazelle. Peppa! This is the second time you've been late. That's It! Go to the principal's office,

(at the Principal's office)

Mr. Echidna. Hey Peppa, why are you here?

Peppa. I'm late for school.

Mr. Echidna. That's It! You're going to 3rd grade.

(at the 3rd grade class)

Miss. Antelope. Hey Class! What is the capital of New York?!

Peppa. New York City?!

Miss. Antelope. No, it's Albany. That's It! You're going to 2nd grade.

(at the 2nd grade class)

Miss. Wildebeest OK class, its show and tell time. Peppa, you go first.

Peppa. (farts in her pants, then takes out a poop from her butt) Ta Da! and that's how you take a poo out of your butt.

Everyone in the 2nd grade class. (Laughing)

Miss. Wildebeest. Quiet! Peppa, that's disgusting. Go to 1st grade.

(at the 1st grade class)

Miss. Impala. OK class. My name is Miss. Impala.

Peppa. Who the hell is an Impala?!

Miss, Impala. Peppa! How dare you say that right in front of me. Go to kindergarten.

(at kindergarten)

Ms. Rat. Hi class. Today we are going to learn how to make new friends.

Peppa. (talks to Hazel Horse) Hi you f**king b*tch. What the f*ck are you doing?

Hazel Horse. (crying)

Ms. Rat. Peppa! How dare you say swear words in my class! Go to preschool.

(at preschool)

Mr. Bull. Hi class! Its snack time! Who wants some chocolate cake?

Peppa. Chocolate Cake! (eats all of the chocolate cake)

All of the preschoolera. (crying)

Mr Bull. Peppa! How could you eat that much chocolate cake. That's It! Your expelled from school.

(at home)

Daddy Pig. Peppa! How dare you've got held back all the way to preschool.

Mummy Pig. You've also been expelled. Go to your room because you are grounded forever!!!!!!

Peppa. (crying) And most important of all? F**k you! (Continues crying and goes to her room)

(the end)