Peppa: (wakes up) AHH Pedro what are you doing here

Pedro: Suzy just wanted me to tell you that...she hates you

Peppa: I'm running away!

At the forest,

Peppa: let me leave a trail of corn so i know my way back


Peppa: Ya know what it really doesn't matter if Suzy's Friend I mean I have plenty of friends I'll just follow the trail I made out of corn and...Ms. duck! Great I'm lost no food no water and no (gasp) family whats that noise

Wendy: Peppa

Peppa: Wendy what are you doing here


Peppa Wait what (gets eaten)

Madam Gazelle: Peppa Peppa

Peppa: (wakes up on the class room floor) what happened

Madam Gazelle: You fainted after Danny Threw a building block at you he really meant to through it at Emily for calling him a jerk there both in the thinking corner

Peppa: Oh okay

The End

Feel free to continue

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