Peppa: Mummy I'm bored what should I do

Mummy Pig: Well why don't you make an account on that website called Peppapieda

Peppa: I'D LOVE TO! (goes to her laptop and types in PEPPAPIEDA) lets see, oh there it is(clicks on the tab) WOW THIS IS AMAZING (clicks on Register) Lets see what should my user name be, i got it Peppaworld25 (types in her user name) email address it's Birth date (types Feb. 25,2012) confirm okay time to update my profile (clicks edit)

Mummy Pig: Peppa Remember Tomorrow is a school day

Peppa: I will now back to Peppapieda okay avatar i know that fish it reminds me of Goldie okay Name (types Peppa) now Where I live (types UK) Birthday: (types her birth date)let me see oh occupation (types Jumping in muddy puddles) Gender (types Female) DONE

Mac+Cool: It's nice to be home from school, now let me see the recent activity. (goes on laptop and goes on Peppapedia) WOW! Someone new is here. That's awesome! I better tell Evi. *sends message to Evi*

Evolvedmoth: (goes on iphone to go on Peppapieda and sees message) (gasp) a new member I'm going to tell Creation

Creationbetheworld23: (goes on PlayStation 3 to go on Peppapieda) Message wall from Evi (gasp) a new member I'm Going to tell Ballerina

Ballerinagirl: (goes on laptop to go on Peppapieda) Message Wall from Creation (gasp) a new member I'm Going to tell pig

Rpig: (goes on Computer to go on Peppapieda) Message wall from Ballerina (gasp) a new member I'm going to tell littlebat

Littlebat10: (goes on Smart phone to go on Peppapieda) Message wall from Pig (gasp) a new member and her user name is Peppaworld25!

All users: (gasp)

Peppa: lets see now I'm going to make an episode called Peppa does a back flip (create the episode and it says "Peppa: (Does a back flip) END") lets see those comets

Mewtwo: (typing in a comment) THIS SUCKS!

Peppa: : I'll just check my Message wall (gasp)

Evolvedmoth: (typing in a message) Hey Peppaworld25 don't be upset Mewtwo is like that sometimes

Ballerinagirl: (Typing in a reply) You can say that again Evi


Finlaydoespotatoes: AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peppa: ...

Finlaydoespotatoes: jeez, she is here

Peppa: ...

Finlaydoespotatoes: ur too young 4 a wikia account

Peppa: idc

The End

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