This episode has been banned due to violence, bad words like the F word and blood.


There may be little violence... And really bad language.

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When Peppa is moving to Elmore, she gets sad, so she robs a bank, then she gets away, and when she moves to Elmore, she breaks in Gumball's house and kills his family.


Peppa: George, where's my 50 dollars?

George: SHUT UP!, It's in the poop deck Bank.

Peppa; Shut the heck up, brothercraper. [taes out Sawed-off shotgun] GET THE HECK OUT!

George: [stick up middle finger], Crap you. [leaves]

Peppa: F*** YOU! D*** that godd*** idiot.

1 hour

2 hour

3 hour

4 hour

5 hour

[6 hours later]

Narrator: It is dinner time, and dinner is Taco.

Mummy Pig: Help, Percy.

Daddy Pig: Not now, Pam.

Mummy Pig: We are having tacos!

Daddy Pig: Oh boy! Tacos! I will help!

[3 hours later]

Mummy Pig: Peppa, we are moving to Elmore!

Peppa Pig: OH BOY ELMORE!!!!!!!!!!!

[the family get in the car and drive]

Peppa Pig: Where's Elmore?

Daddy Pig: We will have to go down an enchanted fountain.

[Everybody jumps down an enchanted fountain, then stars form over them]

Peppa: Lame.

[at Gumball's house, the next day]

Gumball: Mom, please, give me and Darwin money to get can-, [hears a knock] GOT IT!

Darwin: No, Gumball, I got it!

Gumball: *runs to door and opens it* Are you-,, *scratches his head* Peppa?

Peppa: Um, yes, Gum something.

Darwin: GUMBALL!

Gumball: *turns to look at Darwin* Darwin, shut up. *turns back to Peppa* Mom, we have new neighbors*

Nicole: *runs to door* Oh, new neighbors, nice to meet you guys, Peppa, George, Gumball has told me all about you guys, Um, who are you two ad-,

Daddy Pig: Percy, Peppa\George call me Daddy Pig.

Mummy Pig: Pam, Peppa\George call me...Mummy Pig.

Nicole: Come in, the 4 of you.

All outside: *walks in*

Penny: *walks in from behind*

Nicole: Penny, we're having new neighbors right now, you're going to have to leave, can't come in, sorry.

Penny: Can Gumball come out?

Nicole: Not now, bye. *shuts the door* Richard! We have new neighbors!

Richard: *falls downstairs*

Nicole: Richard! NO!

[the next week]

Gumball: Peppa, I have a Space Gray iPad Pro, wanna see?

Peppa: I have one too, but it's gold, I have it in this iPad case.

Gumball: Peppa.

Darwin: What are you doing here?!

Peppa: F*** YOU MOTHERF***ERS!

Anais: Mommy help.

Nicole: That's it! I---

( Peppa killed Nicole )

Richard: Peppa! Why did you kill Nicole?! That is so---

( Peppa kills Richard )

Darwin: I am calling 911!

( Peppa tries to kill but gets kicked out of Elmore )

Cops: You are under---

( Peppa goes back to Elmore and killed the cops! )

Anais: Mommy help! MOMMY HELP!

Mummy Pig: Anais, are you okay?