This episode has been banned due to inappropriate speech and/or behavior in it.
Peppa Interacts With Crazy Bus

The title card


John MacDonald: Why the hell am I on Mary Moo Cow and Crazy Bus since their pilots?

Random Guy (from Spongebob): Dude! Watch your language your only 11

Peppa: Can I interact with Crazy Bus?

John MacDonald: Sure

Peppa: Okay

Clown: *gets gun out*

Peppa: Holy crap!

Clown: *sings Crazy Bus Opera of Death Song*

Peppa: Eek! Too scary!

Arthur: I love Crazy Bus and Mary Moo Cow

DW: I love Boobonic Bunny and that other bunny

Tommy. What the hell?

Didi Pickles (Tommy's mom). Watch your language Tommy, you're only 1 years old.

Tommy: Fine

[On the Crazy Bus]

Announcer: Lets go, lets go, lets goooo

Patrick: E minor, yay!

Death: *sings F*ck Yeah*

Littlefoot. Hi guys!

Peppa. Who are you?

Littlefoot: I'm Bigfoot's son and LittleBat10's cousin


Lio. I thought you were from The Land Before Time.

Littlefoot: I am

Crazy Bus: Today kids were going to Happy's hous- *crashes off a cliff and into the atlantic ocean*

Lio. Then why did you say that you're Bigfoot's son when you're an Apatosaurus.

Littlefoot: I dunno

Crazy Bus: We're in the atlantic ocean right now

Peppa: We're all going to die!

Auggie: Hey Peppa

Peppa: Hey Auggie


Cosmo: Uh-oh, a squid is coming.

Wanda: That's not good

Timmy Turner: I agree

[The bus gets destroyed by a Giant Squid]

Clown: Sh*t.

Arthur: I hate Crazy Bus. I heard it about 100 million times this year.

Clown: *sings Crazy Bus*

Arthur: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

DW: Yay!

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  • Crazy Bus is from Arthur.