(Peppa's house)

Daddy: Right, off on a business trip.

Mummy: Call me when you get there.

Daddy: Will do. I hear my old golfing buddy King Thistle is due to be there.

Mummy: Give him my best.

(at the conference hall)

King: Hello old bean! Long time no see!

Daddy: King Thistle! Hello!

(at the golf green)

Daddy: You win.

(back home)

Daddy: Hi!

Mummy: Oh hello! How was it?

Daddy: I did sport.

Mummy: Okay.


(doorbell rings)

Peppa: Hello?

Ben: It's Ben Elf.

Holly: Holly as well!


Mr Elf: I think it's time for tea.

Mummy: I'll put the kettle on.

Mr Elf: I'll drink it on my deliveries. I can't stay! Come on Ben and Holly!

Ben and Holly: Bye, Peppa!

Peppa: Bye!

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