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Caley Stevenson


Peppa and her friends meet Krista Porkins and Caley Stevenson.


( Interscope Communications logo plays )

( Hemdale Film Corporation logo plays )

( 1994 GoAnimate Pictures logo plays )

Peppa: Let's go to the Stevenson house.

( they see Caley )

Caley: Hello my friends, my friends hello!

Suzy: Hello Caley.

George: Dinosaur! ROAR!

Caley: George loves dinosaurs.

Emily: He does.

( Porkins household )

Krista: Hello my friends, my friends hello!

Cherie Pig: Hi Krista! Hi Caley!

Write the rest, CreationTheWorld23!


  • This episode didn't have cussing in it but the episode was banned because it made numerous kids think it is okay to meet a troublemaker.
  • Fearnet Fanon accidentally aired this on their channel yesterday at 11:00 am.
  • This is the only banned episode to be made by Hemdale Film Corporation and Interscope Communications. This would also be the only banned episode to have the 1994 GoAnimate Pictures logo.
  • This should've been aired in 1994 for the following reasons: Hemdale shut down in 1995 and the episode aired yesterday instead due to Interscope Communications being defunct.
  • There was originally going to be another crossover called Peppa Meets Kendra Walters and Elizer Sylvester. However, the plan was canceled due to Hemdale and Interscope Communications being defunct.
  • A new crossover was released! Go check it out!


Meghan Strange as Caley, Krista

Linda Gary as Peppa, Suzy, Emily

Elizabeth Daily as George, Edmond, Richard

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