This episode has been banned due to the Sharptooth nearly eating Peppa.


Peppa: I will go to the Great Valley.

Littlefoot: Hello Peppa.

Ducky: Yep yep yep!

Cera: What on earth is that?

Pterano: Stop being so aggroant.

Cera: SHUT UP!

Petrie: That wasn't very nice.

Peppa: Guys can we stop fighting?

Ruby: Hello my friends my friends hello!

( Sharptooth comes )


( Sharptooth nearly eats Peppa )

Topsy: Stay away from Peppa!

( cross at Cera )

Cera: Dad! Why are you mad at me?

Tria: You send Sharpteeth loose and made them nearly eat Peppa!

Topsy: You are grounded for a week!
Peppa and The Land Before Time

Tria: When we get home, you are going to have a ton of consequences!

( at Peppa's house )

Mummy Pig: Peppa I am happy you are safe.

( the end )

( end credits scroll )