Peppa Meets Nemo is the first episode of Peppa Pig Season 7, and a crossover.


Peppa dives near the Great Barrier Reef where she meets Nemo & his friends.


It was a good morning, Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig were at the beach testing out a submarine created by tourists. "Oh boy. Can't wait to explore the sea. I'm gonna meet a squid, a stingray and a whale!" Peppa Pig said. "Dinosaur, roar!" George Pig said. "Oh, George! You always say Dinosaur!" Said Peppa, They entered into the submarine, making it at the sea. They emerge from the Great Barrier Reef, at the Pacific Ocean.

Nemo and Marlin are in their anemone, when they hear a noise. "What was that?" Said Marlin. The two go outside, The noise comes from the submarine that Peppa and her family are, which attempts Nemo to touch the submarine. Nemo touches it, And follows Marlin back.

More coming soon!

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