Before the episode starts. The new narrator is... SakifreemodeGD

Peppa's Living Room

Narrator: Peppa and her friends are having a sleepover.

Peppa: Let's play a game.

Everyone Apart From Peppa: Ok!

Narrator: Everything was normal... until now... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


[Everyone hears knocking on the basement door]

Everyone: Eek!!

[George comes over]

Peppa: George! Be scared on your own!

[George cries and runs off]

Suzy: What's going on!

Peppa: Suzy, come with me.

[Suzy follows Peppa to the basement]

Suzy: No! Not the basement! It's scary down there!

Peppa: We have to find out what is causing that noise!

Peppa's Basement

[Peppa follows Suzy down the basement stairs]

Suzy: How long are we going to be in here?

Peppa: As long as it takes.

Narrator: Yeah, this has happened in an episode if you are wondering.

[Peppa and Suzy sees a strange man]

Peppa & Suzy: Aah!!!

Narrator: To Be Continued...

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