Pedro: Aah! I've got a stitch.

Peppa: I think... I think we've lost him.

[The murderer comes out of no where]

The Murderer: I'm gonna kill you!


Peppa: Please don't hurt us.

[The murderer raises his knife but accidently stabs himself]

Superman: I didn't have to do it this time.

Pedro: It's superman!

Everyone: Woohoo!

Superman: Sorry guys, won't be here for long.

[Superman kills Superman]

Other Superman: He's an imposter.

[The other superman reveals his true self]

Other Superman: All along... It is: TIMMY THE RED NOSE!

Emily: Wait, Timmy The Red Nose is superman?

Timmy: YEP...

Danny: And the IMPOSTER saved all the lives.

Timmy: YEP... I mean NOPE...

Peppa: I thought you were in another universe.

Timmy: Well, so is superman... I mean the imposter superman.

Peppa: This is so strange.

Narrator: To Be Continued...

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