Danny & Pedro

Pedro: I need the toilet!

Danny: Pee in the bushes.

Pedro: OK

[Pedro gets taken when Danny isn't looking]

Pedro: Aah!

Danny: Pedro! Pedro!


Emily & Zoe

Zoe: How long have we been in here?

Emily: About 2 hours.

Zoe: That's strange because I can see the exit right behind us.


Rebecca & Candy

Rebecca: I'm wondering.

Candy: About what?

Rebecca: Has your name been named after a candy?

Candy: What do you think? Because my name IS Candy.

Rebecca: Well yeah.

Candy: So, how's life?

Rebecca: Pretty good, apart from the fact that we nearly got murdered.

Candy: Yeah true.

Rebecca: So, how's life for you?

Candy: Same as yours.

Rebecca: I wonder how the rest is doing.

Candy: Hmm... We've reached the end without the minotaur finding us.

Narrator: Yeah, they were the most sensible group.

Freddie & Wendy

Wendy: Freddie, deep inside do you like me?

Freddie: No!


Pedro: Hello, anyone here? Hello! Hello!

Narrator: To Be Continued...

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