Peppa Moves House is a fanmade episode


the Peppaverse explodes and recreates itself but without Peppa's house so they decide to move to a hotel called Handler Bone Hotel but it goes wrong and they still stay there


*Peppaverse Explodes*

*Peppaverse Recreates Itself*

Peppa and George: where's our house

Daddy Pig: *Turns into a tiny Potato*.

Mummy Pig: Where's Daddy Pig

Peppa: he randomly Transformed into a potato

Mummy Pig: Okay, Weird but where's are house

Tobias: *Jumps on a skateboard* hey pipsqueaks *Laughs at the Tiny Potato* Where's are house

Mummy Pig: gone

Peppa and George:*Blow raspberries at Tobias*

Tiny Potato: let's move to Handler Bone Hotel

Mummy Pig: Perfect

*Gets the car*

Mummy Pig: I'll get the car but i'm doing the map reading and the driving

Mummy Pig: *Drives and Reads the Map*

*Car Crashes into the hotel*

All: *fall through the window*

Hotel Owner: hello how can i help you

Mummy Pig: we're here to stay permanently

Hotel Owner: you can't stay in a hotel permanently and YOU JUST CAME FLYING THROUGH MY WINDOW

Cheapy: *Kills the Hotel Owner*

Peppa and George: This is a mad place

Mummy Pig: No it's not

Peppa: yes it is

Cheapy: excuse me did you call this place a mad place by the way i'm Cheapy your personal Kind-hearted servant

Mummy Pig: if your kind-hearted then why did you kill the owner of this place

Cheapy: He's secretly evil and he kept torture weapons in the rooms but i destroyed them *eats the tiny potato* *turns into a tiny potato himself*

All: turn into tiny Potato

Cheapy as a tiny Potato: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I just ate a tiny potato and me as well as everyone else as become one *spits Daddy Pig out when he's a tiny potato*

Everyone: *Turns Back*

Daddy Pig: What happened?

Mummy Pig: long story but we're leaving

Peppa, George and Tobias: Let's stay

Mummy Pig: Okay