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Peppa P!g is a series which took over the first series, in it Peppa is a 7 year old girl. It is rated TV-14 for mild swearing words and brief nudity. Harley Bird provides Peppa's talking voice in this series, but Katy Perry provides Peppa's singing voice, It first aired on November 18th 2010 and it's still running



  1. Peppa Stuffs her Face With Domino's Pizza
  2. Peppa meets Ren & Stimpy
  3. F*ck!

TV and DVD

  1. Peppa gets grounded
  2. B!ology
  3. $h!t
  4. H!gh School
  5. Noodle Pot__
  6. To!lets

TV only

  1. Peppa Departs (Peppa Pig Finale)
  2. !ggy Azapeppa

DVD only

  1. Behind the To!lets
  2. }}Hannah{{

All Episodes in Order

Season 1 (2010 - 2011)

  1. Peppa Departs (Peppa Pig Finale)
  2. Peppa gets grounded
  3. B!ology
  4. $h!t
  5. H!gh School
  6. Peppa Stuffs her Face With Domino's Pizza
  7. Noodle Pot_
  8. Behind the To!lets
  9. !ggy Azapeppa
  10. }}Hannah{{
  11. To!lets
  12. Peppa meets Ren & Stimpy (Fact: This is the only episode that is rated TV-MA LSV and the only episode directed by Ren & Stimpy creator, John K.)
  13. F*ck!

Season 2 (2011 - 2012)

  1. Bub$y !n Love
  2. The $onAmy Ep!sode
  3. $h!t 2
  4. Crazy Rouge
  5. OH GOD NO
  6. Rouge's Money
  7. Peppa's 7th Birthday
  8. Sh!t 3
  9. Peppa 06
  10. NOPE
  11. Murder
  12. 25 Fucking Episodes
  13. Bull$h!t

Season 3 (2012 - 2013)

  1. Gangnam $tyle Takeover
  2. Peppa's 8th Birthday
  3. Blame it on the sonic fans for nerd rage
  4. He-Man's ride to Skeletor's body
  5. Tubby Cussard
  6. Boohbah murderers
  7. The end of the world


Lyrics (Season 1 only)

Peppa Pig (Katy Perry)
I'm Peppa Pig, the pig who's sexy
I work day 'n' night
I'm so fancy

Lyrics (Season 2 - Season 8)

Peppa Pig, she's a constarch

She wants your money!

But she's young

and her family hates her and punish her all the time

Peppa's Friends (Pilot only)
Yep, she's...
Peppa Pig (Katy Perry)
PEPPA PIG!!!!!!!!!

Music Video (Season 1 only) (Taken Down In 2014 By EONE Entertainment)

see Peppa P!g/Music Video