It starts out with Peppa Pig sitting on her bed, farting. Daddy Pig forces Peppa Pig to go to the Daneham meditation club. She doesn't want to go, so she farts at him. He then throws her all the way to Daneham and lands on the roof of a tenement.

Many people walking past see Peppa Pig and throw bits of chewing gum at her. She then farts at them. One of them throws a cigarette at her, so then she jumps off the roof and chases them. He then introduces himself as Kim Jong-hyuk. All of a sudden, a mysterious girl known as Pamela Pokémon comes running to her and instantly becomes Peppa Pig's friend. Because Peppa Pig is bisexual, she has a crush on her. Kim Jong-hyuk both calls them ugly, so then Peppa and Pamela fart at him, causing him to run away.

Peppa and Pamela then go to Pamela Pokémon's House. They start watching some Pretty Little Pigs together. Peppa starts flirting with her, so then Pamela tells her that she fancies herself. Peppa is shocked, but still remains her friend.

Daddy Pig arrives at her house. She taunts Peppa for being bisexual and takes her home. She starts crying and tries to beat him up.