Peppa Pig, Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog and Pedro Pony are lost somewhere in town and playgroup's starting in 10 minutes! Can you get them there?


Level 1 Trailer

Peppa: Gang, we're lost thanks to Danny Dog believing Emily Elephant when she said this was a shortcut to playgroup!

Danny: Hey! She's Madame Gazelle's top student! Of course I'd believe her!

Peppa: If Madame Gazelle based her results on grades, Suzy would be the best!

Suzy: Um, Peppa, there are no grades in playgroup.

Pedro: This place could be crawling with germs!

Peppa: Alright, Danny, you got us into this mess, how can you get us out of it?

Danny: *knocks on someone's door*

10 minutes later...

Peppa: Look, Danny, nobody's coming!

Suzy: Fear not, my friends! I figured a way we can get out! We run across passing logs on the mushy bog, sail across the Peppatown River with that abandoned boat, find a way through the abandoned theme park, go around the muddy puddles and we'll be at the foot of the hill the playgroup is built on.

Peppa: What? Go around the puddles? We're gonna jump through them!

Pedro and Danny: Yeah!

Suzy: (sighs) Okay! But for now, we've gotta jump over those logs on the mushy bog!

Pedro: Are you sure? They're moving pretty quickly!

Level 2 Trailer

Peppa:We made it, guys!

Everyone: Woohoo!

Peppa: Now, what's next again, Suzy?

Suzy: See that abandoned boat over there? We have to sail on it.

Peppa: Ohh, that looks tough!

Pedro: And kids aren't even allowed to drive vehicles!

Peppa: Come on, Pedro. It won't work, anyway.

[They get on the boat]

Peppa: *presses the button* See, Pedro? It doesn't even...

[The boat chugs and clutters and rattles and shakes along]

Everyone: Woah!

Level 3 Trailer

Danny: Land ahoy!

[The boat crashes]

Suzy: Now, we have to get through that old theme park. *opens the door*

Pedro: I remember I came here when I was a little piggy!

Peppa: Yes, yes. But how do we get through this place?

Danny: A ride, duh!

Pedro: I've gone on quite enough abandoned vehicles for today.

Danny: Look! A maze!

[They go into the maze]

Level 3 trailer

Peppa: How did you know this thing would get us out of here?

Danny: I didn't. I just wanted to have some fun.

Peppa: At this rate, we may as well not go to playgroup.

Danny: But Madame Gazelle won't believe this!

Peppa: Pedro, is there anything in the are that's making you allergic so you can sneeze and make us sick?

Pedro: Sorry, Peppa, but no.

Suzy: Guys, the muddy puddles are right over there!

Peppa: They are? Then, let's go!

Ending Clip

Emily: What did you think of that shortcut, guys?

Peppa: It wasn't a shortcut, it was a trick! We know!

Emily: That's what you might say at first, but it takes some getting used to!

Playable characters

Characters that can be seen when you make it back to playgroup

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