Peppa Pig: All Grown Up is a spin-off series of Peppa Pig. it takes place 8 years after the original show. this series is aimed at an older audience then the main series. Peppa is voiced by her oringal voice actor Lilly Snowden-Fine .

The series is rated TV-Y7


Season 1

Season 2


Season 1

Name Plot No.
The Debit card Peppa needs to get a debit card, so the pigs go to the bank to get one. However, it is not as easy as it seems. 1
Chloé's Boyfriend Peppa and George visit Cousin Chloé, as they haven't seen eachother in a while. 2
Dance Festival (Part 1) Peppa and George want to go to a school festival, however, they both need a dance partner. 3
Dance Festival (Part 2) Peppa, Suzy and Rebecca discuss who they should choose as a dance partner. At the end, they each have a dance partner. 4
Edmond's Inventions George visits Edmond, and discovers that he still hasn't stopped inventing. 5
Suzy the Artist Peppa discovers that Suzy has started to become an artist. However, what she draws is a bit... Disgusting, so Peppa and Rebecca try to stop her from doing so. 6
Friend and Foe Peppa and Suzy get into a big fight and are no longer friends. Rebbecca and the rest try to get them back to get them back. 7
Danny or Pedro Peppa starts to date but she doesn't know who to pick. But she later picks Pedro. 8
George breaks his arm George breaks his arm while playing basketball. George trys to do things without one of his arm. 9
The worst day Peppa has a really bad day at school. She later has a rough day at home and wants to run away. 10
Peppa's new pet After Peppa's fish dies Peppa gets a new pet chicken. 11
Chicken runs away After George leaves the cage open there pet Chicken runs away 12
Suzy's grandma Peppa, Suzy, and George go to meet Suzy's Grandma 13
Robbed The pigs are robbed in the middle of the night. The robber takes everything including the pet chicken. The robber is later reveled to be Cindy Cat's dad. 14

Season 2

Name Plot No.
The Band Peppa and her friends discover that Danny along with a few other people have made a band. 15
Playtime's Over Peppa and the gang discover that the Playgroup is Closing, and try to get money so they can re-open the playgroup. 16
Movie Making

Edmond, Zoe, Peppa, George and Richard start making movies.

Retiring Gazelles Peppa and George find out that the Rocking Gazelles have retired. They now try to find a crew for a new band. This leads to the creation of the Rocking Gazelles Jr. 18
The great Tell Grandpa and Grandma Pig tell Peppa and George the story of there relatives in the Western time. 19
Cindy Cat Peppa and George find out that Cindy cat is moving. Peppa throws a Go Away Party for her. 20
The Break Up After a fight. Peppa and Pedro break up. They later tell there parents about it. In the end they get back together. 21
Teen Scouts. Peppa and her friends that are all girls join the Teen Scouts for the Summer. Meanwhile George joins a swim team. 22
Forget and make up. George enters a race on Edmond's birthday. Edmond is hurt that George forgets his birthday. 23
Chloe Chloe is getting ready to go to College. Peppa is upset she is leaving. So Peppa and her family try to make the best of her last week before leavng. 24 and 25.
The new school year. Peppa starts 9th grade, while George starts 7th grade. They both find out that High School and Middle school is different then they thought. 26
The new computer Peppa waste's grape juice on Mummy's Pig computer when she is mad. Mummy Pig doesn't late Peppa see her friends for a while. So Peppa tries to get her a new one. 27
Have you seen this Chicken? Peppa does not feed her pet Chicken. So the Chicken runs away/ 28
Halloween party. Peppa and George think they are to old for Halloween. So they throw a Halloween party instead of Trick or Treating. 29
Miss Rabbit's bad day. After Miss Rabbit has a bad day at work. She quits her jobs. So Peppa and the rabbits try to get her to go back to work. 30

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