Peppa discoveres she's the ninja to protect the playgroup from evil

this will be stupid

Suzy and Peppa are eating their snacks at the playgroup

Peppa: i have a purple apple!

Suzy: i have an orange apple.

Peppa: ~whispers~ let's swap. :D

Both: ~giggles then swaps apples~

~the apples explode after they trade~

Madame gazelle: PEPPA! SUZY! were you just eating your lunch?

Peppa: no, madame gazelle. it's snack time, remember?

Madame gazelle: right. carry on.

Both: ~keep eating~

Narrator: Peppa and suzy start discussing a non-peppa related topic. for once...

Suzy: so have you noticed that no monsters have attacked lately?

Peppa: yeah, it's been really quiet.

~a monster attacks~


~everyone runs~

Peppa: what do we do!?

~suzy's already gone~

Peppa: oh. you're already gone? no no that's cool too. ~runs~ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

monster: ~takes a desk and throws it at Madame gazelle's car~

~car blows up~

Madame gazelle: my car!

~back with peppa~

Peppa: ~running~ OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGO-- ~trips over something~

it's a box

Peppa: hmm. i don't normally open boxes that i trip over, but if i didn't this story would happen.

~opens the box and finds a ninja suit~

Peppa: ~gasps~ omigosh. 

Suzy: you gonna put it on and save the playgroup?

Peppa: yeah

Suzy: MY BEST FRIEND'S THE NINJA! i'm gonna tell everyone!

Peppa: you can't tell anyone.

Suzy: well that stinks :\

to be continued probably


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