The epicness of peppapedia is a 80 Minute film created by peppapedia inc. It aired on july 2nd 2016.


Peppa: Is CreationBeTheWorld23 online?

George: yeah so?

Peppa: Look at the sky.

[spring bumps]

George: OH NO!


Undhee: Lets see what CreationBeTheWorld23 is doing. [reads page] oh my goodness!

Sonicthehedgehog223:WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!??!

Suzy: hey pepaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

[they fall on Suzy]

Suzy: What the heck was that peppa?

Peppa: Creationbetheworld23 is online.

Suzy: oh gosh I need to tell Pedro!

At Pedro's house..

Suzy:Creationbetheworld23 is online!

Pedro: oh gosh, I have to Danny!

At Danny's pirate ship..

Pedro: what is this!?

Danny: I became a pirate

Pedro: oh goodness!

Sonicthehedgehog223: Hey! I'm the most cracktastic!

(Accounts of peppapedia argue about who is the most cracktastic.

Round 1: speed

Sonicthehedgehog223: oh no!

CreationBeTheWorld23: aren't you sonic the hedgehog?

(He disappears)

Sonicthehedgehog223: go go go go go! Gotta go fast!

Round 2: Strength

Peppa: Either creatitionbetheworld23 Or Dinopizza will go back!

George: Andddd it isss.......

Suzy: Dinopizza!

Dinopizza: What?!

Sonicthehedgehog223: Oh my gosh, I didn't get any votes. Holy cow!

(Undhee causes a chain reaction, and sonic the hedgehog223 Hits and blows mars up.)

Round 3: grinding

Peppa: Littlebat10 will be sent back to peppapedia!

Creationbetheworld23: (Falls of rail)

Pink Sheep: You probably know that your boi is good at grinding.

Round 4: Rolling

Peppa: Goodbye undhee!

Sonicthehedgehog223: [Does the spinball attack]

George: Sonicthehedgehog223 and Ballerinagirl have immunity.

Suzy: Dinopizza can also rejoin.

Round 5: Maze

Peppa: So longballerinagirl.

STH223: what!?

Creation: am I lost?

Dinopizza: You are moron!

Creation:{Punches him}

Round 6 kart race Suzy: Dinopizza is elimnated.

Peppa:They have tied.

Vote below!

Who will win?

The poll was created at 00:44 on August 4, 2016, and so far 11 people voted.


User place challenged eliminated votes
Littlebat10 6 3 2
Undhee 5 4 3
Ballerina girl 4 5 2
Dinopizza 3 6 2
Creationbetheworld23 tba tba tba
Sonicthehedgehog223 tba tba tba

In challenge 2, Dinopizza is eliminated with 2 votes while creationbetheworld23 is in second with one vote.

In challenge 3, Littlebat10 is eliminated with 2 votes while Undhee is in second with one.

In challenge 4, Undhee is eliminated with 3 votes while Creationbetheworld23 is in second with 1 vote. Dinopizza also rejoins with 3 votes.

In challenge 5, Ballerinagirl is eliminated with 2 Votes while creationbetheworld23 being in second with 1 vote.

In challenge 6, Dinopizza is eliminated with 2 votes. While sonicthehedgehog223 was in second with one vote.

Total votes

6.Littlebat10: 2 votes

5.Sonicthehedgehog223: 3 Votes

3.Ballerinagirl: 5 Votes

2.Undhee: 5 votes

4.Creationbetheworld23: 3 votes

1.Dinopizza: 6 votes