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Peppa Pig: The Game is a Peppa Pig video game for the Wii U.


Mr. Dinosaur has been posessed by an evil spirit, and the gang must now stop the evil spirit from ruling the world.


The game is a 3D platformer, made in the style of Super Mario 3D World (as Mario himself even appears in person).

The game consists of a total of five worlds, each with twenty two levels in them. Also, there are eight bonus levels, making the total length of the game 118 levels.


Name Description Unlocked HP
Peppa Pig After the apocalypse begins, Peppa decides to stand up against the evil spirit. 1-01 5

George Pig

George is really fast, but with three HP being his standard amount, he can be knocked out very quickly. 1-12 3
Chloé Pig Chloé is very slow, but is hard to knock out due to her heavy amount of HP. 2-05 10
Alex Pig He uses his buggy to transport him, making him fast. His crying ability makes him a strong player. 3-02 2
Holly Fairy Unlocked after beating her in the final stage. She can fly and use her magic wand to solve puzzles and destroy enemies. She is intended as a reward for beating the game. 5-22 22

Kylie Kangaroo

Unlocked after beating all the bonus stages. She is very fast and jumps very high. B-8 5

Falin (Mixel)

Unlocked DLC. DLC-1 9999.999.99.9
Custom Hero Unlocked DLC.

Custom Hero form Sonic Forces.

DLC-2 9999999999999


Nintendo Switch Xbox One Wii U PS4 PC
Summer 2018 (US) Sep 10,2014 (USA) Sep 10,2014 (USA) TBA TBA
May 10,2018 (EU) Oct 31,2014 (EU) Sep 10,2014 (EU) TBA TBA
May 10,2018 (JP) 2018 (as Definitive Edition)


Dec 23,2014 (JP)

(Removed form EShop as April 10 2018)