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Peppa Pig : The Movie is a feature-length Peppa Pig film. The movie is a total of 122 minutes and 57 seconds long (not including the credits).


Mr. Potato's evil cousin, Lord Fry plots to end the world and turn every fruit and vegetable into candy and Peppa, Richard Rabbit, Mr Potato, George and Suzy Sheep Tries to stop him.

At the end, everyone rolls around in a muddy puddle, and the credits roll.


The critics had very mixed opinions. Some claimed it a masterpiece, while others just called it a silly idea.

The rating of the movie, totaled gives a 7.2/10


[Nickelodeon Logo shows then fades out and in, and Baker Astley Davies Logo shows then fades out]

[Universal Studios shows]

Male Voice: 34 years ago, mr potato's cousin comes to play, when i grow up i want to be a villian said lord fry, why asked mr potato, because non of your bissiness said lord fry, so lord fry becomes evil.


[Story ends]

[in the present] [Everyone Dancing] Female Gerbil: this party is awesome. [Suddenly Lord Fry Appears]

Lord Fry: okay everybody listen up, i will be kidnapping children, i will be making traps for you guys and most of all i will make the world end and turn the produce into candy and sweets.

Peppa: what?

[Lord fry dissapears]

Peppa: oh no, he's going to end the world and turn fruits and veggies into candy.

Suzy: ya we need to stop him!

[at the armor and weapon room]

peppa: okay guys welcome to the weapon and armor room in my house.

mr potato: this is a lovely room.

[they grab weapons and armor]

Peppa: okay guy let's go.


george: okay where does lord fry live?

Mr Potato: oh no.

Richard: what is it mr potato?

Mr Potato: His house is too far away.

peppa: let's go guys we need to sto(she gets trapped in a abandoned building)

Peppa: where am i?

female voice: your going to be dead.

Peppa; who said that?

female voice: i did you're going to get killed.

peppa: hey we need to escape this haunted place.

female voice: i live here so leave now.

peppa: i'm not leaving until you tell me your name.

female voice: leave now or i will kill you and eats some bacon, porkchops and chitterlings.

peppa: i don't want to be bacon, i do not want to be porkchops and most of all i don't want to be chitterlings, my intestines stay where they are.

female voice: to late i'll kill you.

peppa: whoever you are just tell me your name right now.

female voice: it's non of your bissiness stupid crap.

peppa: okay 'll come up to you.

[peppa comes up to the myserious person]

peppa:[gasps] ghoul skunk i'm going to kill you craphead!

ghoul skunk: no i'll kill you porkhead!

peppa: i need to escape, i can jump through that window.

[she jumps through the window]

peppa: i escape.

[scene cuts to the gang]

peppa; guys.

suzy: peppa where have you been?

peppa: i've been trapped in a spooky house.

[a portal appears]

peppa: what's this, a portal?

[they all jumped in the portal to another dimension]

peppa; is this a museum we're in?

(Negative George appears)

george: what negative george? why are you here?negative george: i'm here to kill you[throws negative bombs at them]

peppa: quick avoid them.

[continues throwing negative bombs]

negative george: why are you freaks?

[keeps throwing negative bombs]

george: guys there coming at us.

peppa: run!

negative george: why do they keep missing my bombs?

Peppa:[throws negative balls to negative george]

[negative george dies]

all: yay he's dead!

[they teleport to a different dimension]

[in the jungle]

richard: why are we in the jungle?

suzy: i don't know.

[family of gorillas came up to them]

gizzy gorilla: hi my name is gizzy gorilla, welcome to the jungle.

peppa: you live here?

gizzy: yep.

mummy gorilla: gizzy time for lunch, oh who's your new friend?

gizzy: mummy meet peppa, suzy, mr potato, george and richard.

mummy gorilla: hello guys.

all: hey.

peppa: we half to go.

gizzy: why?

peppa: because we need to stop an evil villian.

gizzy: okay.

daddy gorilla: gizzy, honey it's time for lunch.

peppa: bye.

gorillas: bye.

[deep in the jungle]

peppa: i hope we're not lost.

mr potato: we are lost.

all: nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peppa: now how would we get out of this jungle.

richard: let's split up.

[they split up]


peppa:[singing] oh trees vines and exotic creatures in the jungle.

[scene cuts to suzy]

suzy:sings] oh we will see a rhino, lepord, crocodile and panther.

[scene cuts to all of them]

all:[singing] deep in the jungle will give us a crisis, deep in the jungle wil give us crisis.


[they meet up again]

peppa: nope looks like we're lost.

[a portal appears]

peppa: look a portal let's jump in]

[they jump in a they appear in the peppaverse]

peppa: look we're back in the peppaverse.

(Mecha Peppa appears)

peppa: mecha peppa? why are you here robothead?

mecha peppa: i'll use my arm gun to kill you.

[Uses her arm gun]

peppa: look out!

[arm gun keeps shooting]

[peppa shoots mecha peppa]

peppa: yay i killed her.

[they teleported to lord fry's manor]

Lord Fry: so long lost cousin you and your friends are gay.

Mr Potato: okay we will kill you.

[they battle]

[lord fry shoots peppa]

suzy: peppa, noooooo you killed her stupid fry!

[peppa resurrects]

peppa: i'm back alive.

lord fry: nooooooo!!!

[peppa shoots lord fry]

everyone: he's dead horray!

mr potato: good thing he's dead.

[lord fry resurrects]

all: nooooo!

[lord fry turns friendly and happy]

lord fry: heyguys, sorry i was evil.

mr potato: that's okay.

[scene cuts to peppatown]

everyone: horaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

[they roll around in muddy puddles]

Narrator: everyone likes rolling in muddy puddles.


[the end]



lord fry:[turns evil again]

[lord fry laughs]


In the menu screen, 8 Different chapters of the movie can be Chosen.

Picture(s) Name Summary
Skærmbillede 2014-06-26 kl. 20.13.51
Chapter 1 : The Rise of Fries Lord Fry announces his evil plans to everyone.
Skærmbillede 2014-06-27 kl. 07.55.14
Chapter 2 : Gear Up Peppa and the group grab weapons from an abandoned building to stop Lord Fry.
Skærmbillede 2014-06-26 kl. 20.15.17
Chapter 3 : The Escape The abandoned building is a trap and Peppa is locked in the building. She escapes by jumping out the window and uses the Muddy Puddle wand to wish herself to an alternate situation.
Confronting George
Chapter 4 : Museum of mysteries Peppa is teleported to another dimension, where there is a weird museum. In the museum the characters are confronted by evil figures.
Skærmbillede 2014-06-27 kl. 10.19.57
Chapter 5 : Lost in The Jungle After Egroeg is defeated the museum evaporates, revealing that the characters are in an unfamiliar wilderness.
Skærmbillede 2014-06-27 kl. 10.17.18
Chapter 6 : Animal vs Animaltronic After finding the portal back to the Peppaverse, the characters are stopped by animaltronic versions of themselves.
Skærmbillede 2014-06-27 kl. 10.20.44
Chapter 7 : Last Stand After going through the portal, Lord Fry is waiting for them. He freezes all the characters in place apart from Peppa, who he then kills after a quick swordfight.
Skærmbillede 2014-06-27 kl. 10.22.20
Chapter 8 : The Final Battle Peppa is resurrected with George's dinosaur, and her Muddy Puddle wand gains the power to turn Lord Fry into a friendly potato.




Bad Guys


Peppa Pig: The Movie was considered a box office failure, due to the lack of "Peppa Pig-ish" storyline or child friendliness. Critics aggressively panned the film, with Rotten Potatoes saying "the art is a downgrade from the already bad looking show, the voices are half heartedley done, and the movie actually shows death." Movie Outsider, however, said "well, it's a cool idea, but we already have that 15 minute episode that is kinda a mini-movie when you think about it, so this movie isn't necessary." Popular YouTube star PooDeePai even made a video about it, talking about how "disgustingly bad" it was, but due to mass backlash from the fanbase that DID like it, it was taken down the day it was uploaded.



  • Originally, there was a robotic replica of Mr. Potato, which would have sneaked up on the main characters. It was removed for unknown reasons.
  • At a point in the movie, Chloé was originally going to be killed off by Mecha Chloé. This was most likely removed because Chloé could be used in the show again.