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Peppa Pig : The Movie is a feature-length Peppa Pig film. The movie is a total of 122 minutes and 57 seconds long (not including the credits).


Mr. Potato's evil cousin, Lord Fry plots to end the world and turn every fruit and vegetable into candy and fast food. Peppa, Suzy, Daddy Pig, Mr. Potato, Baby Alexander and George try to stop him. Eventually in the final battle between Peppa and Lord Fry, Peppa is killed, but is resurrected by George's dinosaur, who turns out to be an ancient, magical spirit. After Peppa's resurrection, she uses the ancient wand of Muddy Puddles to turn Lord fry into a potato, after he becomes nice.

At the end, everyone rolls around in a muddy puddle, and the credits roll.


The critics had very mixed opinions. Some claimed it a masterpiece, while others just called it a silly idea.

The rating of the movie, totaled gives a 7.2/10


In the menu screen, 8 Different chapters of the movie can be Chosen.

Picture(s) Name Summary
Skærmbillede 2014-06-26 kl. 20.13.51
Chapter 1 : The Rise of Fries Lord Fry announces his evil plans to everyone.
Skærmbillede 2014-06-27 kl. 07.55.14
Chapter 2 : Gear Up Peppa and the group grab weapons from an abandoned building to stop Lord Fry.
Skærmbillede 2014-06-26 kl. 20.15.17
Chapter 3 : The Escape The abandoned building is a trap and Peppa is locked in the building. She escapes by jumping out the window and uses the Muddy Puddle wand to wish herself to an alternate situation.
Confronting George
Chapter 4 : Museum of mysteries Peppa is teleported to another dimension, where there is a weird museum. In the museum the characters are confronted by evil figures.
Skærmbillede 2014-06-27 kl. 10.19.57
Chapter 5 : Lost in The Jungle After Egroeg is defeated the museum evaporates, revealing that the characters are in an unfamiliar wilderness.
Skærmbillede 2014-06-27 kl. 10.17.18
Chapter 6 : Animal vs Animaltronic After finding the portal back to the Peppaverse, the characters are stopped by animaltronic versions of themselves.
Skærmbillede 2014-06-27 kl. 10.20.44
Chapter 7 : Last Stand After going through the portal, Lord Fry is waiting for them. He freezes all the characters in place apart from Peppa, who he then kills after a quick swordfight.
Skærmbillede 2014-06-27 kl. 10.22.20
Chapter 8 : The Final Battle Peppa is resurrected with George's dinosaur, and her Muddy Puddle wand gains the power to turn Lord Fry into a friendly potato.




Bad Guys



  • Originally, there was a robotic replica of Mr. Potato, which would have sneaked up on the main characters. It was removed for unknown reasons.
  • At a point in the movie, Chloé was originally going to be killed off by Mecha Chloé. This was most likely removed because Chloé could be used in the show again.

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