[Starts with the Universal Pictures and eOne Entertainment logos, then it fades to black and then cuts inside a cinema, Daddy Pig is at the snack bar cueing for a popcorn and a drink]

Daddy Pig: I'd like popcorn and a drink.

Mr. Zebra: That'll be 10 pounds.

Daddy Pig: 10 pounds? What?

Mr. Zebra: It's all for a good cost.

Daddy Pig: All workers say that...

Mr. Zebra: That's because it's all for a-

Daddy Pig: I heard you the first time.

[at a ticket line]

Daddy Pig: Tickets for Peppa Pig: The Movie please?

Miss Rabbit: Okay, here's your tickets! [gives Daddy Pig tickets]

Suzy Sheep: There's you, Peppa! On the big screen!

Emily Elephant: They should have made a movie about myself.

George Pig: [oinks twice]

[Cuts to inside the screen where Peppa's house fades in, along with the opening titles]

[The camera zooms inside the house, showing Peppa and George in bed, then a rooster wakes them up]

Peppa Pig: Good morning, George!

George Pig: [oinks and giggles]

[They go to the kitchen and have breakfast]

Daddy Pig: We're going to the museum today, Peppa and George.

Peppa and George: Hooray!

(Scene Cuts To The Pig Family's Car, The Family Get Into The Car)

Daddy Pig:I Will Map Read

Mummy Pig:Daddy Pig, Theres No Use When You Map Read, We Get Lost And You Get Grumpy, And Besides I Know The Way

(The Car Leaves And The Scene Cuts To The Roadway)

Peppa Pig:I Love Our Car

Daddy Pig:Ha Ha! And Our Car Loves Us Too! Don't You?

(Daddy Pig Honks Horn. The Family Then Laughs)

(The Scene Cuts To The Museum)

Peppa Pig:Me And George Will Go To The Dinosaur Room

George Pig:Dinesaw, Grrr!

(Peppa, George, Mummy, And Daddy Enter The Museum Building)

(Scene Cuts To Dinosaur Room With Peppa And George Walking Into It)

Peppa Pig:Here We Are George.

George Pig:Oooh, Dinesaw!

(George Runs Off And Peppa Walks In, Accidently Bumping Into Emily)

Emily Elephant:Oh, Hi Peppa

Peppa Pig:Hey Emily, Why Are You At The Roaring Dino?

Emily Elephant:Roaring? Nah You Got Me Confused With Something Else

Peppa Pig:Nuh Uh, If You Stand On The X, It Will Roar With A Beep

Emily Elephant:Lets Test That

(Emily Walks Onto The X)


(During Roar Emily Gets Blown Out Of The Museum Screaming)

Mr. Fox:Need Anything?

Emily Elephant:No

(Scene Cuts Back To The Dinosaur Room)

Peppa Pig:Oh Well, More For George

(George Runs In)

George Pig:(giggles)


(Suzy Walks In)

Suzy Sheep:Hello Peppa

Peppa Pig:Hello Suzy

Suzy Sheep:I Heard That Theres A New Cake In The Museum Cafe

Daddy Pig:A New Cake?

(The Cake's Smell Picks Up Daddy Pig's Nose, Daddy Pig Fades Out)

(We Then Cut To The Cafe, Daddy Pig Fades In)

Miss Rabbit:Daddy Pig, Do You Want The New Cake?

Daddy Pig:More Than Anything

Miss Rabbit:5 Pounds Please

Daddy Pig:5 POUNDS!!??

Miss Rabbit:Its All For A Good Cost

(Daddy Pig Gives Her 5 Pounds)

(Daddy Pig Gets So Excited He Eats The Cake In 1 Bite)

(Scene Cuts To The King And Queen Room With Suzy, Peppa, And Candy Cat, They Also Hear Daddy Pig Munching)

Candy Cat:Wow, Daddy Pig Is A Heavy Eater

Peppa Pig:I Heard Hes Always Hungry

Candy Cat:Since When Did You Hear That?

Peppa Pig:Mr. Kangaroo Asked Him If Hes Hungry, And He Said Hes Always Hungry

(Daddy Pig Walks In)

Daddy Pig:Ho Ho! So Much Cakety Cakes!

Peppa Pig:Cakety Cakes?

Candy Cat:Who Are They?

Daddy Pig:Its My Nickname For The New Cake.

Suzy Sheep:You Got An Epic Diet, We Heard You Eat 10 Cakes In Here

Daddy Pig:I'm Fit

(Daddy Pig Picks Up A 10000 Mile Speed)

Peppa Pig:Hes Got Good Speed!!

(Daddy Pig Flies Past Russia)

(Mummy Pig Walks In)

Mummy Pig:Where's Daddy Pig?

Peppa Pig:He Flew To Russia

(Daddy Pig Pops In)

Peppa Pig:Nope, Here He Is

Daddy Pig:I Flew

Peppa Pig:We Saw That

(George Runs In)

George Pig:(Oinks 3 Times)

(Scene Cuts Back To Museum, The Pig Family Walk Out)

Peppa Pig:I Love The Museum

Daddy Pig:Me Too

(The Family Get In The Car And Drive Home)

(The Scene Cuts To The Home)

Peppa Pig:I Love Are House

Daddy Pig:I'm Looking Forward For Spaghetti

(The Scene Fades To The Kitchen Showing The Pig Family Eating)

Daddy Pig: This Is The Best Spaghetti Ever

Peppa Pig: I Know

( The Scene Cuts To The Stars And Moon Coming Up)

Daddy Pig: Goodnight My Little Piggies

Peppa Pig: Goodnight

(Scene Cuts To The Airport, Peppa, Suzie, Danny, Rebbeca, Emily, And Pedro Walk In)

Suzie Sheep: It Was Nice Of You To Let Me, Danny, Rebecca, Emily, And Pedro Come For Your Ride To Italy

Danny Dog: And See Alot Of Sights

Pedro Pony: And Spaghetti, Don't Forget Spaghetti. Oh! And Pizza.

Emily Elephant: Oh, And You Forgot That Italy Is Shaped Like A Boot

Rebbeca Rabbit: But Peppa, If We Are Going To Italy, Who Will Take Care Of Your Fish Goldie

Peppa Pig: Due To Grandpa Pig Feeding Her Too Much, Doctor Hamster Will Look After Her

Mummy Pig: Come On Children

(The Children Run To The Plane)

(The Scene Cuts To The Plane Taking Off)

Danny Dog: Wow, I Never Thought I Would See The Day Flying In A Plane Before

Pedro Pony: I Think This Is A Passenger Jet

Emily Elephant: No Its A Passenger Plane, It Does Not Have Those Extreme Power Jets

Peppa Pig: Emily Is Right

George Pig: (Oink Oink)

Suzie Sheep: Clear Skies Ahead

Pedro Pony: Wow, Your Vert Smart

Peppa Pig: I Think Your Right

(Scene cuts to Plane Landing)


Pedro Pony:No Kidding!

(Scene Cuts to More of Italy)

Peppa Pig: Hey! i know where the best Pizza is!

Pedro Pony: Pizza? Pizza!? PIZZA

(Pedro Starts Going 500 miles above the Speed of Light)

Suzy Sheep: Whoa, i always knew Pedro was a sleep Addict, but i never knew he was a Pizza Addict

(Everyone goes to the Pizza Shop)

Pizza Manager: Welcome to the Pizza Shop, what would you like to eat

Peppa Pig: 1 10 Inch Pizza plz

(Pizza Manager Makes Pizza)

Pizza Manager: Here you Go!


(Pedro Starts eating the Pizza really Crazily)

Danny Dog: Uhh, Pedro? Aren't you gonna Save us some Pizza?

(Pedro Stops eating)

Pedro Pony: Huh?

Danny Dog: Nevermind

(Pedro Starts Eating Again)