Peppa Pig: The Quest For The Potato is a new 2018 Film.


Peppa and her friends must stop an evil Potato from attacking the world!

Voice Cast


Hayley Willams as Peppa Pig

Jake Beale as George Pig

Katy Perry as Mummy Pig

Will Arnett as Daddy Pig

Tabitha St. Germain as Granny Pig

Jonathan Winters as Grandpa Pig


Taylor Swift as Suzy Sheep

Cameron Diaz as Mummy Sheep

TBA as Mr. Sheep


Samuel Vincent as Danny Dog

Lesle Mann as Mummy Dog

Jonathan Winters as Grandad Dog


Joclyn Lowen as Rebecca Rabbit

Cristela Anzolo as Miss Rabbit and Mummy Rabbit

Will Arnett as Mr. Rabbit


Rosabell Lawence-Stellers as Zoe Zebra

Cameron Diaz as Mummy Zebra

Willie Robertson as Mr. Zebra


Harry from One Direction as Pedro Pony

Cameron Diaz as Mummy Pony

Willie Robertson as Daddy Pony


Rosabell Lawence-Stellers as Emily Elephant

Taylor Swift as Mummy Elephant

Will Arnett as Mr. Elephant

Atticus Shaffer as Edmond Elephant


Cameron Diaz as Candy Cat and Mrs. Cat

TBA as Mr. Cat


Courtney Cox as Wendy Wolf

TBA as Mummy Wolf

Anthony Anderson as Mr. Wolf


Cristela Anzolo as Delphine Donkey

TBA as Mummy Donkey

Sam Kelly as Mr. Donkey

TBA as Aldine Donkey


Hayley Willams as Kylie Kangaroo

TBA as Joey Kangaroo

Kira Tozer as Mummy Kangaroo

Anthony Anderson as Mr. Kangaroo

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