This is a games show


  1. Best puddle wins
  2. Cake for the win
  3. Kart racer
  4. Worlds best speller
  5. The dive
  6. Disapering tiles
  7. Run you fool!
  8. Are you smarter than a pedro?
  9. PB&J
  10. Piano player
  11. Sweet tooth
  12. Find the watermelon!
  13. Chain gang
  14. Barrel hide
  15. Spiked balls
  16. Foiled
  17. Skydive of faith
  18. No name
  19. Finale


Team peppish

  • Peppa
  • Suzy
  • Danny
  • Pedro
  • Rebecca
  • Freddy
  • Kylie

Team kids

  • Richard 
  • George
  • Edmond
  • Zaza
  • Zuzu
  • Sammy (leader)

Team snob

  • Emily
  • Candy
  • Lisa
  • Zoe
  • Diddley 
  • Brianna
  • Simon


Contestant elimnated reason rank team votes merge
Diddley Cake for the win For being a useless character 20 snob 2 no
Freddy Kart racer He betrayed peppa in episode 1 19 peppish 1 no
Rebecca Worlds best speller She cheated to make team snob's cake to seem gross. 18 peppish 3 no
Lisa The dive She purposely misspelled a simple word. 17 Snob 4 no
Suzy Disapering tiles

She was very bossy, so contestants quickly voted her off

16 Peppish 6 no
Zuzu Are you smarter than a pedro? Her bonding relationship with ZaZa caused her team to lose. 15 kids 3 no
Pedro PB&J His clumsiness caused his team to lose. 14 Peppiah 1 no
Zoe PB&J She was easily forgotten 13 Snob 1-3 no
Brianna Piano player For simply being useless. 12 snob 2 no
Sammy Sweet tooth His bossiness made him extremely disliked. 11 Kids 3 yes
Candy Find the watermelon! Even though her team was made to be snobbish, she went too far with the method 10 Snob 2 Yes
ZaZa Chain gang She misses ZuZu 9 Snob 2 Yes
Edmond Barrel hide He is a nerd 8 Kids 1 Yes
Peppa Spiked balls She Was occasionally the reason why team snob lost 7 Peppish 3 Yes
Danny Foiled He was mean to contestants 6 Peppish 6 Yes
George Skydive of faith He was to good for the game, so he didn't deserve to still be in. 5 Kids 3 Yes
Richard No name 4 Kids 1 Yes


Finale Peppish Yes
Emily TBA Snob Yes
Simon TBA Snob Yes

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