Most Times

  • I Do not! *Snort*
  • I'm Peppa Pig! *Snort*-
  • I love muddy puddles!
  • George!
  • Oh!
  • It's Impossible!
  • If You Are Jumping Up And Down In Muddy Puddles, You Must Wear Your Boots.
  • George, You've Done It All Wrong!
  • No, I Wasn't! *Snort*
  • Mummy, Can We Play The Game?
  • I'm A Wiggly Worm, I'm A Wiggly Worm! How Do You Do? I Love You! I'm A Wiggly Worm! *Snort*


  • I'm Mummy Pig and he is Daddy Pig! - Dressing Up
  • Disgusting - The Baby Piggy
  • I'm not making a salad! - Peppa Feels Playful (fanon episode)
  • We Have To FIND Them! - Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue The Movie
  • But You Can Do What You Like. We're Not Going To Give Up Hope. - Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue The Movie
  • muddy

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