they finally met santa claus but all is not well as Santa is tumbled over by 3 GIANT snowballshe had slipped into a coma and he lived!


Narrator: Here is the Christmas Special.

Peppa: (sighs) I wish I can find Santa. He is so awesome.

Freddy: Does anybody else want to see him?

Pedro: Does anyone know where he might be?

George: Why yes Pedro, he's in the South Pole.

Edmond: No he's not George, he's in the North Pole.

Suzy: Yeah George, he's in the North Pole. I want to see him so bad!

Mr. Dinosaur: If I saw him, I would have eaten him.. I'll eat him, I'll eat him, I'll eat him.

Santa Claus: Ho Ho Ho.

Edmond: Oh my gosh, Santa!

Peppa: Wow! Santa, can you give me a santa hat?

Santa Claus: Sure thing Peppa!

Peppa: Wow, thanks Santa!

Suzy: Can you give me a drink?

Santa Claus: Sure thing Suzy!

Suzy: (drinks the apple juice) Wow! Thanks Santa!

Pedro: Can you give me a horn?

Santa Claus: Sure thing Pedro!

Pedro: (blows the horn) Wow, thanks Santa! (blows the horn loudly) That's gonna get annoying.

Edmond: Hey Santa, can you give me peanuts?

Santa Claus: Sure thing Edmond!

Edmond: Thanks Santa! I'm getting hungry (eats the peanuts)

Mr. Dinosaur: If only you can give me a bone.

Santa Claus: Well, It's coming to you Mr. Dinosaur!

(Santa throws the bone and Mr. Dinosaur catches it)

Mr. Dinosaur: Thanks Santa!

George: Hi Santa, can I have a strawberry?

Santa Claus: Sure thing George!

George: (eats the strawberry) Thank you Santa!

Freddy: Hi Santa, can I have a sister?

Santa Claus: Yes Freddy!

Freddy: Wow, Thanks Santa!

Santa Claus: No prob...(gets squashed by 3 giant snowballs)

Peppa: Oh no! Santa!

Suzy: Is he going to be okay?

Pedro: I don't know Suzy!

Edmond: Maybe Santa has been killed.

Mr. Dinosaur: Is Christmas going to end forever?

George: I don't know Mr. Dinosaur, I don't know.

Freddy: We need someone to help him.

Rebecca: Hi everyone, what;s the matter?

Edmond: Oh my gosh Rebecca, I think Santa is dead.

Rebecca: Oh my god, how?

Edmond: A couple of giant snowballs hit him.

Rebecca: Well that's not good.

Peppa: We know, we've got to help him!

Suzy: Okay, okay, we have to take him to the hospital.

(3 months later)

(Santa gets back up)

Pedro: Peppa, what is wrong with him?

Peppa: He got a concussion and has slept into a coma.

Santa Claus: And I'm feeling better now!

(The End)

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