Peppa: Mummy, can I make potatoes?

Mummy: Of course you can!

Daddy: Here are the potatoes.

Peppa: Thank you. [cute smile]

[Peppa goes into her bedroom and gets a knife from the toilet]

Peppa: Yay! [cuts several potatoes in half]

George: What you doing?

Peppa: I'm doing potatoes!

George: Mummy! Peppa's doing potatoes!

Mummy: Yes, I know.

[10 hours later]

Peppa: Hi family! I've done some potatoes!

Everyone: WOO-HOO!

Mummy: I hope the knife was clean.

Daddy: Can I have some?

Peppa: NO! You're fat enough!


Peppa: MUUUUUUUUUMMYYYYY!!!! Daddy shouted at me!

Mummy: Peppa! That knife was covered in blood!

Daddy: [calms down] Looks like the beginning of a murder inquiry.

[Inspector Pig is seen walking in, and the episode ends on a cliff hanger]

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