• ..that the first fanon episode on this wiki was The New Born Sheep?
  • ..that Rae rabbit and Crazy peppa are based off of characters from different shows?
  • ..that when Bertram Bliter and Brianna Cutie lived in Scotland, they lived in Glasgow?
  • ..that Bring me 2 life is the first ever full-length story on Peppapedia?
  • ..that CpBetahat is planning a Fanon Movie based on his ending of Peppa and the Apple Juice?
  • ..that Pigs are the animals who have the most Peppapedia Fanon characters of its species? Number two is Dogs.
  • ..that the first *fake* article is possibly Fake PGN 8?
  • ...that most episodes of season 4 (like "Flying on Holiday") only aired in the UK rather than the US? Episodes that aired in the UK can be (somehow) seen on YouTube.
  • ...that the LEAST recently edited 3 pages are as of December 9, 2014 "Mrs Rabbit'", "Mr Rabbit" and "Granddad Dog". They have currently been unedited for over three years.
  • ...that the LONGEST page on the wiki is "Episode Guide.".
  • ...that the most edited page on Peppapedia is "Peppaaaaaaaaaaaaa (character)"?
    • It is also one of the shortest pages.
  • ...that the actual founder of Peppapedia was Darren121?
  • ...that the shortest episode is Z ? The second is"BBQ", and the third is Peppa says the F word
  • ...that there is an actual Cracktastic Wiki created by the cracktastic king Mac+Cool, who retired from that wiki on October 4, 2015?
  • ...that BatucanClouden creates his photos using GIMP?
  • ...that Troodon105 (now in Peppatown prison) and Liopleurodons, somehow creates their photos in Tiny Tap?
  • ...of all of the crossover characters, some which are in the same show (Rugrats) are only created by one person (Liopleurodons, he is a big fan of Rugrats)?
  • ...that Suzy Sheep has a sister named Sally Sheep who is now dead?
  • ...James D. Midthbourgh is one of Ronald Grump's OCs.
  • ...that every second peppa oinks?
  • ...that Peppa Pig used to air on Cartoon Network?

Got interesting facts about Peppa Pig? Post them here!

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